The Battle is On!

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The Battle is On!

So it's Super Bowl weekend and everywhere you turn people are picking sides. At my full time job we had two cakes and a warring tray of cupcakes for Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers. Of course I opted for the Steelers...what woman can turn down chocolate? By this, you can guess that I'm not pulling for either team. (Last year I was all in for the Saints!)
But I think this time honored tradition...the parties and bashing of bodies over a small pigskin ball relates to romance. Sure it can boil down to man versus man to win a lady's hand and all the behind-the-scenes subterfuge that goes on. (I mean there have been more articles about NFL players' hair this past week to last us a lifetime.) Of course each has a secret weapon...perhaps it's money, perhaps it's power, or perhaps its just being able to outwit their opponent when it counts.

However, this dynamic is also visible in the pull of give and take between heroes/heroines and villains. Call it the big Super Bowl that's spanned for eternity of Good versus Evil. Man what a Pay Per View special that could be. Just like there have been armies for each, today we have civilized teams (for the most part) who rely on yardage of a custom sodded field instead of conquering towns (and their citizens). Sure the football players aren't evil with a capital E, but you have to admit this year's line up has some "bad boys" who could claim the honorary title. Many are fighting just like the warriors of old for glory, honor and allegiance. But today they're also thinking about their careers, financial ramifications and the perks. That's not to say soldiers for hire back in the day didn't, it's just now the oodles of potential pluses are staggering.

Then we have the parties. Can you say festival? It's like the seasonal harvest rites and good old all nighters warriors partook of after a campaign gone right. Food, beer, women, and lots of goofy games...not necessarily in that order. Not to mention someone ruffling someone else's feathers over who was the victor.

Football isn't a new sport, though some of the technology is, and it's creation is grounded in history. As they say no idea is a new one, and someone else has already done it before. You just have to add a new spin.

If you're in the mood to share what's the coolest football game you've seen or which historical battle really stands out for you (and yes, this can be from a movie)? Are you okay with battles being depicted in romances and paranormals, or would you prefer they leave the "realistic stuff" out?

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