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Guest - Gabriella Hewitt

Good morning everyone! Gabriella Hewitt has given us a fantastic article on weapons and I have to agree -- I'd want the very first one she mentions. The one with the tight abs, lol.


What weapon would you use in the heat of battle?

Personally, I would use one with tight abs, strong legs and flowing black hair woven with feathers. Throw on a mantle of jaguar skin and I’ve got my perfect weapon, better known as a Shadow Warrior.

Who the heck cares what weapon he has in his hands as long as he knows how to use it!

One thing is for certain, the ancient Aztec warriors had a bunch to choose from and they were skilled in using all of them.

Call me a blood-thirsty woman, but I love doing the research and finding out all the different weapons that these tough men used to do battle or capture rival tribesmen and sacrifice them to the gods.

Here are a few I have chosen for my seriously sexy Shadow Warriors to use:

The Maquahuitl was an incredibly strong two-handed sword that was made of oak and could be as long as a person. It was embedded with obsidian, a type of volcanic glass that is so sharp it could be used with medical precision to cut out a heart. The Spanish claimed a Maquahuitl could chop the head off a horse with one blow. Actually, I did get to see this demonstrated on a fake horse model on SPIKE’s  television show Deadliest Warrior. Unbelievable! 

The Atlatl  is a throwing stick with a handle on one end and a socket that holds a light spear or dart and when flicked with the wrist flings the object across a great distance. It is considered deadly and accurate, one of the earliest forms of the bow and arrow.

Now here is one that is seriously pre-historic, totally devastating and very basic though it does the trick.

The Cuauhololli was a club made of wood with a ball at the end and sometimes embedded with stones. It was used to smash and crush.

Last but not least are the Tlahuitolli and Yaomime, aka bow and arrow.

The bows were 5 feet long, and the arrows were pointed with flint, bone or obsidian. It is believed that the arrows could fly 450 feet or more and could pierce Spanish armor.

These weapons may be primitive but they represent some serious hardware, and in the hands of a Shadow Warrior they are deadly.

My Shadow Warriors series is a four novella series, the first of which has been contracted with Samhain as of January this year. The second novella is with my editor and I’m hard at work on the third. Once I have publication dates, I’ll be back to share more about this sexy, suspenseful paranormal series that weaves Aztec mythology with a contemporary setting.

In the meantime, if you like romantic suspense, check out this excerpt from my first book, Dark Waters. This tension-packed tale is set on the tropical island of Vieques, just off Puerto Rico. It’s got a hot romance, missing women and the legend of el chupacabra.

When you’re done, leave a comment about the blog post or the excerpt and you’ll automatically be entered in a drawing for a $5 Samhain Publishing Gift Certificate. Also, send me your email address, so that I can send you the certificate if you win. The address is  The winner will be picked on Friday, February 25th  and announced here and on my blog

Lastly, I’d like to announce March Madness on my blog in which I’ll be having an amazing line up of guests. Among them will be Harlequin Editor Stacy Boyd, who currently edits for the Desire line and will hold a Q&A about that and contemporary romances; additionally, Harlequin Nocturne author and women’s fiction writer Caridad Pineiro will guest blog. Tune into my blog as the guest list continues to grow and don’t forget to stop by next month for some March Madness!

Book Title:  Dark Waters
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Release date: September 2007


A predator stalks paradise and she’s next 
Dark Waters
© 2007 Gabriella Hewitt

God save him from stubborn females.

He pulled a lock pick out of his pocket and went back to the kitchen door. In a matter of minutes he was inside. His eyes swept the kitchen, noting the clean counters and dishes lying in the draining board. The scent of onions and garlic lingered in the air. Well, she’d obviously eaten.

He retraced his steps from the afternoon until he was at the bottom of the staircase. He could see where Frankie covered over the hole he’d made with a patch of plywood. As much as he wanted to run up the stairs, he didn’t dare. Carefully, he tested each tread before taking a step.

While moonlight filtered into the rooms downstairs, up here, with all the doors to the hallway closed, he could barely see his hand in front of his face. Quietly, Rico made his way down the hall until he came to Frankie’s door.

He rapped lightly. Still no answer.

Moving to the side of the door, he reached over, turned the handle and gave it a small push inward. He glanced in and then slowly stepped over the threshold, grateful for the moonlight that enabled him to see.
Fresh sheets covered the bed. The room looked neat and tidy.

No Frankie.

What the hell had happened to her? God help him if she’d been snatched...

He didn’t pause to wonder why his fear she’d had an accident had morphed into something worse. He didn’t have to.

This house had him on edge, while his mother’s request had him balled up so tight he could bounce.

A sound caught his ears. Exiting the room, he moved silently down the corridor. The noise grew louder, like a herd of sick cows. When he reached the room where the sound came the loudest, he threw open the door and went in low and fast, ready to deal with the threat.

Frankie rose before him, moonlight casting its soft glow on the water droplets sliding down her torso and into the claw foot tub she stood in. Her mouth opened and closed and, in that second, Rico catalogued every gorgeous inch of her, from her perfect, dusky-tipped breasts to her shapely thighs.

What do you want? Her voice came out reed thin, her eyes wide.

He’d terrified her. Rico held his hands out, palms open. I brought your truck back, Frankie. When you didn’t answer the door, I got worried and let myself in. I’m not here to hurt you. He spoke low and soft, willing her to listen to his words. He almost missed the change in her eyes from fear to majorly ticked off, but he wasn’t left in doubt long.
Frankie exploded into action. She grabbed a bar of soap and hurled it at him, hitting him smack in the chest.
Instinctively, he caught the soap before it fell to the tiled floor. Want me to get your back? Relief coursed through him. Not only was she okay, she was in kick-butt NY mode. He could live with that.

Get out! she screamed. Out! Out! Out!

The gentleman in him grabbed up a towel and held it out to her. The other side of him wanted to wipe every drop of water off her sexy body, but he highly doubted she would let him.

Frankie seized the towel and wrapped it around her. Get out!

I’m going. But, why are you taking a bath in the dark?

Because the damn fuse blew and I wasn’t about to go traipsing around the house wet and naked. Satisfied?

Hell, no! But, feeling a definite tightening in his groin at the image, he decided not to answer. Safer that way. At least with this woman.

Now are you leaving or do I have to get mean?

You got a weapon on you? All I saw—

Shut up, Lopez. I swear you’re dead meat. Her hands tightened into fists at her sides.

Need a hand getting out of the tub? he asked hopefully.

That’s it. You have five seconds to get out of this room or you and that toilet brush are going to become personally acquainted.

Okay, you win, he said, holding his hands up in the air in mock surrender. Anything but the toilet brush. He winked at her and left the room, shutting the door with an audible snap. Leaning against it, he closed his eyes. He could hear her stepping out of the tub. Could imagine her rubbing that lithe body down and wished he were the towel. The image of Frankie rising up from the water like some goddess out of a Greek myth would stay burned onto the back of his eyelids for a long time. And if he told her, she’d probably try to have them surgically removed.

He grinned so hard the sides of his mouth hurt.

The bathroom echoed with her creative curses in both Spanish and English. The woman sure had a mouth on her.

Feeling incredibly lighter, Rico spoke through the closed door. Frankie?


Would it make you feel better if I got naked too?

Gabriella Hewitt is the pen name for a dynamic duo who have been partners for over five years, though they have never met in person. One of them lives in Japan and the other is a transplanted New Yorker in North Carolina. They spin tales of excitement, suspense and passion via daily emails and the occasional chat. Both are busy moms of three and they both work in education. To learn more visit  You can also follow me on Twitter:  @GabriellaHewitt

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18 Responses to "Guest - Gabriella Hewitt"

Debbie Herbert said...

I've a fascination with primitive weapons - especially knives and such made of obsidian. Thanks Gabriella Hewitt for the information and book excerpt! I'll certainly be checking your website for your March event.
Debbie Herbert

Rayne Hall said...

I've used an atlatl for spear-throwing. It really makes the spear fly with more power, faster and further.

I'm not sure if it aids accuracy. It didn't for me. :-(

Several cultures invented spear-throwers independently from each other. It appears that wherever throwing spears were developed, the spear-thrower was invented before long.

It's just like bread-beaking, which was also invented in several parts of the world. Of course, spear-thrower is called differently in different parts of the world: woomera, atlatl, etc. We don't know what stone age people called it because they didn't leave written records.
The designs were very similar, with just minor regional differences.

Spear-throwers are great equalisers. They enable a woman to throw a spear with as much force as a man does, and thus making her an equally capable hunter. I'm in favour of this. :-)

Gabriella Hewitt said...

Thanks Debbie for stopping by. These weapons give you chills and thrills, at least they do me. ( :

Rayne, it's great to have your input as I know that you've done lots of research on weapons and fighting. Very cool that you've actual hands-on experience with an atlatl and good point about it being a gender equalizer. I'm going to have to remember that.

Robin said...

Excellent information! Always something new to learn from research, and your use of the ancient weaponry is quite creative. I'll definitely be dropping by the blog for March Madness!

Gabriella Hewitt said...

Thanks Robin. Look forward to seeing you in March!

It's bedtime here in Japan. I'll check back in the morning. Have a great day!

Karin said...

Great excerpt! I really love all the information about the ancient weapons - it is truly fascinating. I love watching Deadliest Warrior simply because of all the historical detail they go into.

Jessa Slade said...

Just looking at the pix gives me great ideas. Mostly involving mayhem ;)

I think my cover designer hates me for the weird weapons I've found. But I think it's good to stretch their skills!

Congrats on the upcoming books! Hopefully the world doesn't end in 2012.

Gabriella Hewitt said...

Karin--I watched Deadliest Warrior where they compared an Aztec Jaguar Warrior to a Zande Warrior. They show how the Maquahuitl can decapitate a horse (fake one, thankfully) and do a mock battle. I'm not sure how many times I closed my eyes! LOL!

Jessa--expect to see lots of books w/ an end of the world theme next year. I know Samhain is putting an anthology together. And writers' imaginations are definitely dangerous weapons! ( :

Paty Jager said...

Great post. I started an action adventure series with an anthropologist as the heroine. The first book was set around the Mayans and the next one is in the heart of the Aztecs so this is great info for me to start thinking about the next book.

Gabby said...

Oh yeah! Those bad boys look like they can definitely do some damage, I've always been into swords myself especially samurai swords and some of the ones used in movies.

I also like the bow and arrows, great way to cause long distance damage. The book sounds kind of intriguing, I'm always looking for new reading material.

Gabriella Hewitt said...

Paty--Did you find some cool Mayan weapons in your research? Glad this post has inspired you. ( :

Gabby--watch the episode on Spike TV and you'll get an idea of how much damage they can do. For primitive weapons they are effective. Glad you enjoyed the excerpt!

donnas said...

Great post. You really have done your research and thanks for sharing what you know in an interesting manner.

Dark Waters sounds great. Looking forward to checking it out.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Jill Sorenson said...

Nice post! I saw that episode of Deadliest Warrior. My hubby is a fan of the battle scenes and I find the cultural details fascinating. Love seeing handmade weapons. I had no idea there were Aztecs or chupacabras in Puerto Rico.

perisquire30 said...

Great post! I'm in the "sexy abs" camp...nothing more dangerous! LOL. I'll have to make a point of checking out Deadliest Weapons. Lord knows TV's boring most nights! Best of luck with this series!

Roni Lynne

Gabriella Hewitt said...

donnas--thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Research takes time but often it can bring up all kinds of interesting facts.

Jill--I really had to cringe through a few scenes. I just don't do violence, even staged violence, all that well. LOL! But I have to admit the concept of pitting two fighters based on their training and weapons is a fascinating one.

Roni--It's great to see you here! Since most fighters are men, you get to see lots of abs and such on Deadliest Warriors. Break out that popcorn! ( :

Lynda K. Scott said...

Thanks so much for being with us Gabriella! Your book sounds wonderful and made its way to the top of my To-Be-Purchased List.

To all, thanks for stopping by and thanks for participating in Gabriella's giveaway. She's selected Debbie Herbert as her winner.

Debbie, Gabriella will be contacting you shortly. Congrats!

Gabriella Hewitt said...

Lynda, thanks for having me and a huge thanks to everyone who took time to read my post!

Debbie, congratulations and I'll be in touch. ( :

Debbie Herbert said...

That's so cool - many thanks!