Guest - Rachel Firasek

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Guest - Rachel Firasek

Good morning everyone! We have author Rachel Firasek visiting us today. Rachel’s writing career began at the impressionable age of twelve with a poem dedicated to the soldiers of Desert Storm. A dark macabre affair that earned her a publication in an anthology and many raised eyebrows from family and friends, she hid her poetry and artistic style for years…

Tucked away in the heart of Central Texas, with the loving support of her husband and three children, she dusted the cobwebs from her craft. Returning to those twisted regions of her mind, she creates dark urban fantasies and soul-searching paranormal romance. 

To learn where love twists the soul to light the shadows, visit Rachel at


Recently an article on Yahoo caught my undivided attention. Now, I can honestly say that I’ve never been one to jump on the UFO bandwagon, but you have to admit when a country’s government releases information in mass documents, it makes you stand up and listen.

Here’s a direct quote from the article: "These documents show absolutely beyond a doubt that over many, many years, Ministry of Defense officials, government ministers and defense intelligence staff have treated the UFO issue seriously," Nick Pope told AOL News.

Over 8000 pages of data, reports, sightings, photos and who knows what else were released. These documents dated back to the 1970s. Now, I haven’t had time to download each archive, but I have to tell you, it certainly makes you sit up and listen. I also think it makes you a little less skeptical of your pal that sits around and quotes conspiracy theories at every turn. We all have one of those pals. 

Okay, why the UFO topic? Well, after brainstorming with a friend over a sci-fi she’s writing, I realized that with our changing technology, the hype about 2012, and now with this release, the world is more open now to the sci-fi world than ever before. I normally write Paranormal Romance, but who knows, maybe this year I’ll dig myself knee deep in government documents and create the next big thing!

What do you think about the UFO articles released by the UK? What do you like to read in romance? Would a smoking hot Alien and a humanoid from Earth, peak your interest? Ever wondered why Star Trek was so popular in a time with more skeptics than not? Should I write about humans visiting other planets? I’d really like to know what grabs your attention when reading this powerful market. 

Thanks for having me today! I really enjoyed this topic and look forward to digging deeper.

Piper's Fury

It's an empath thing...

Using your "powers" to help the Dark Hills Police Department hunt down serial killers doesn't leave much time for dating. Not that Piper Anast is complaining. The last thing she needs is some guy brushing up against her and pumping his pornographic thoughts into her head.

When she meets Bennett Slade, a sexy, tormented vampire, Piper stumbles headlong into a telepathic connection with his missing daughter. She can't leave the kid to the evil surrounding her unwanted visions, nor can she resist her draw to Slade. He's the first guy she's been able to touch vision-free in, well, forever.

As she and Slade close in on the evil creature holding his daughter, Piper's powers morph into a deadly fury. To save Slade's daughter-and herself-Piper must face down demons she never knew she had and trust the one thing she keeps from everyone.

Her heart.

Stalk me at:

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13 Responses to "Guest - Rachel Firasek"

SJOwens said...

I believe in UFO's. Went to a conference long ago. That conference cemented my thoughts. Just hope they're nice!

Kendall Grey said...

I love science fiction, but not mixed with romance so much. I like the hard stuff like Phillip K. Dick. Yep, he's nice and hard. Hahahaha!

But seriously, the idea of hot aliens kind of makes me cringe. Even shape-shifters in paranormal romances sorta freak me out. I'll stick to my own species, thank you.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Of course I believe...seen 'em. And I've already written a hot alien/human romance so I'm right there with you.
Good luck with your upcoming release!

rfirasek said...

Susan, I wanna hear about this conference.

Kendall, I'm really surprised that you aren't more willing to get up close with an alien, lol. Just kidding, our species rocks!!!

Julia, I have to check that one out now.

Victoria said...

I'm a firm believer in UFO's. As for the release of info from the UK, I think it's great. It would be nice if our own government would open up.
Piper's Fury looks really good. I feel for Piper having such a gift. Can't wait to see how she finds his daughter.

Patricia Green said...

Very provocative questions, Rachel. My first exposure to rishathra (as Larry Niven proposed it) sounded kind of squicky to me. I tend to think about the anatomical questions and then get all knotted up in how tab A fits with slot B.

In terms of UFOs, I have to ask myself: why would any space-faring alien life form be interested in Earth or humans, if not to take what we have and exploit it? I don't believe there are any well-meaning Vulcans about to come along and lift us up.

Traci Bell said...

I think it's awfully egotistical of us to think we are the only intelligent life form out there. The universe is too vast and too mysterious!

rfirasek said...

Victoria, thank you and I agree. But, then again, I'm also a bit afraid of how much info's been kept from us.

Patricia, I'm rofl, your slot comment was great, but I wonder about the same. We're really not that interesting. :)

Traci, exactly! Thanks gal, and I really can't wait to read your book.

Virna DePaul said...

I'm open minded to life on other planets and aliens in romance, but said alien has to be relatable enough so that the differences aren't distracting me from the emotion. Looking forward to reading your book, R!

rfirasek said...

Ah, Virna, thanks, and thanks for coming by today! I agree, the species have to be at least close to matching. lol.

desitheblonde said...

hi we have the weird thing up in the mt here in mo we live on glad top trail and my animals were acting weird and then i look down the road
and seen some thing i call the conservation agent and went up were i seen the flying thing they say they come here all the time

Linda Andrews said...

I'm firmly in the believer category, and I never doubted the government would keep such a thing from us. As for why any alien would come here, don't we go to more primitive cultures to study them? Maybe we're just one big social experiment;-). The new release sounds great!

Autumn Shelley said...

Sorry I'm late! You know I really don't know what I believe anymore. I used to think, like Traci said that it's awfully conceited of us to think we are the only life form here. But then, like Patricia, if they are that advanced, then why bother with us? Obviously, either way government's dedicate massive 'black budgets' to the topic so someone takes it seriously. I just hope they're nice.