Review - It Happened One Bite

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Review - It Happened One Bite

It Happened One Bite
By Lydia Dare
Sourcebooks, Casablanca

When Blair Lindsay accompanies her brothers to their newly inherited castle, she doesn’t expect much more than a pile of stones. But while the castle needs some work, it isn’t a total wreck. But, like many old structures, it does seem to have a ghost…if the subterranean rumblings and groans are any indication. That doesn’t bother Blair, the warrior witch of the Coig. She’s ready to battle any villain, ghost, or demon if it comes to that. When she discovers James Maitland, Lord Kettering, locked in one of the cellar rooms, she’s puzzled. More than puzzled really since the man is wearing clothes years out of date and can’t, or won’t, tell her how he came to be there. Or for how long he’d been imprisoned though he does let slip the fact that his jailers had been a group of five witches.

Blair is determined to understand the man’s secrets and, truth be known, she finds him handsome and compelling. As the warrior witch of the Coig, she knows she’s not likely to ever find love and she’ll settle for nothing less if she marries. But the attraction she feels for James Maitland, Lord Kettering, is something she hasn’t felt before. She plans to pursue it as well.

James Maitland is a gentleman. And a vampire. But he isn’t a demon. He doesn’t kill and he always makes sure his victims are left satisfied and content. With his blessed ring, given to him by his mentor, the vampyre who turned him, he can even walk in daylight. But his ring is missing and he knows who took it. The Coig, a band of witches, who unjustly trapped him in the bowels of the castle for over twenty years. Once he finds his ring, he plans to locate the Coig and extract a little revenge.

First he needs to feed and Blair Lindsay would be a delightful morsel…if he could enrapture her. He can’t. Whether that’s due to his lost ring or some other nefarious effect of the Coig, he doesn’t know. He does know she intrigues him beyond compare. And in her presence, he begins to feel things he hasn’t felt in all the long years of being a vampyre.

As the two come closer together, Blair learns his secret – that he’s a vampyre. But he’s no demon, that’s she sure of. He’s a good man and she’s falling in love with him. As a vampyre, James has no heart, ergo, he can’t fall in love. But he cares for Blair very much and wishes he could love her. However, they’re unaware of an approaching danger. A danger that could end Blair and her brothers’ lives and send James into an eternity of suffering.

It Happened One Bite is a suck-you-in from the first page book. The author duo known as Lydia Dare creates some of the finest heroes anywhere. James is a gentleman…except in the throes of passion, then he’s as hot and sexy as any vampyre. As a hero, he’s intent on protecting Blair and her brothers even though he’s fettered by the loss of his ring. And Blair is a feisty heroine who doesn’t back down from a battle even when the odds are against her but she’s not a Too-Stupid-To-Live heroine. She actually has battle skills though she, too, is hampered without her full Coig and their witchy powers. As for the ending…there’s a twist there that really sets this story apart.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading It Happened One Bite. I highly recommend it.

And make sure to catch Lydia Dare on Monday March 28 as she visits us here on Star-Crossed Romance.

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