Review - Taste Me

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Review - Taste Me

Taste Me
By Tamara Hogan
Sourcebooks Casablanca
March 2011

Scarlett Fontaine has come home mentally and physically exhausted from her road tour. She’s a siren and very few can sing as well as she can. And no one can put more into the music than she does. Now Scarlett has one more performance to do then she’ll be able to take her much deserved rest away from the paparazzi, the roadies, the audiences who crave her ability to bring, and share, emotions into her song.

It also brings into the club one person who craves those emotions like a man desperate for a drink of water. But Scarlett’s song isn’t enough and a young woman ends up nearly dead.

That’s when incubus Lukas Sebastiani is called into action. As a security consultant, he has to find out who attacked the young woman, the daughter of the werewolf leader on the council. As an incubus, he would normally absorb emotional energy and be able to interpret the emotions but Lukas has a defect that not only intensifies his gift and causes him to taste or smell the emotions but occasionally allows him to identify where those emotions came from. That stands him in good stead as he’s called to help law enforcement solve crimes.

With this attack, he’s forced to become a bodyguard for Scarlett, a role most men would die to get. But Lukas once had a hot affair with Scarlett when both were younger. And to be in close proximity with her again is pure torture. She’s the only woman he’ll ever love but a permanent relationship is not to be.

As danger draws close, Scarlett and Lukas must overcome their distrust and hurt to find out if the love they once shared can save them.

Taste Me is urban fantasy at its finest and made even better by the addition of a powerful and passionate love story. Ms Hogan’s talent at characterization is obvious from the instant Scarlett, exhausted almost to death, walks on the stage. The reader is lost, falling into the spell woven by Hogan and her characters. The readers will love Lukas, with his driving need to protect the woman he loves and to protect his own vulnerable heart. And when the murderer draws close to his next victim, we want to yell a warning because we don’t want to see them die – and that’s for a secondary character! Any author who can make a reader care about each and every book character is a very skilled author indeed.

Taste Me will draw the reader in and hold her from the first page to the very last page. It’s the kind of book you won’t want to put down. If you love urban fantasy, you’ll love this book. I look forward to more books in this universe and more books by Tamara Hogan period. 

Ms Hogan is guesting with us on Monday, March 21. Stop by for a chance to win a copy of Taste Me.

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Sookie Bear said...

Great review. The book sounds terrific.

annalisa said...

Taste Me sounds like an amazing book! Great review! :)


Lynda K. Scott said...

Thanks! Glad you liked the review and it is an amazing book. Get it if you can. I know you'll enjoy it.