A New Hope

A New Hope - Hi bertemu lagi dengan saya di tempat berbagi Chord Gitar Indonesia, Pada kesempatan kalini saya akan berbagi Kunci gitar yang berjudul A New Hope, saya telah menyediakan lirik lagu lengkap dengan chord gitarnya dari awal lagi sampai akhir lagu. mudah-mudahan isi postingan kunci gitar yang saya tulis ini mudah untuk di pahami oleh kalian dan semoga bermanfaat juga. oke langsung saja ini chord gitar nya.

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A New Hope

Okay, the title is a rip off from Star Wars ;-) but it's so appropriate for the release of my book, Altered Destiny.

Altered Destiny had a shelf life of about 14 days before the publisher it was at went belly up. Did they know they were going to go belly up when they bought the book? I think they did. But a little known fact is that regardless of the Bankruptcy clauses in your contract, bankruptcy laws take precedence. Those laws dictate that the intellectual property the publisher has contract to is an asset in a bankruptcy case and, as such, can be used to offset any debts the publisher has. The publisher had plenty of debt.

In other words, I and the other authors with 'intellectual property' at the publisher were at the mercy of the courts. But we banded together, just like the rebels in Star Wars, and fought for our rights. In the end, we did get the rights to our 'intellectual property' back.

That was only half the battle. It's really hard to find a publisher who'll take an already published novel, particularly one that's cross genre. You see, Altered Destiny is a futuristic, but it's not. It's a time travel, but, well, not really. It's a fantasy, but not so much. Publishers like to be able to peg just where a story would go in their line up. Can't blame them for that.

What is Altered DestinyAltered Destiny is a romance. It's a story of despair, hope, courage and love and the two main characters find their way to a well deserved Happy Ever After.

But lately I've been watching a lot of authors publishing their back lists with success. So I've decided to go that route for Altered Destiny. I'm delighted to announce that it's currently available as an ebook on the Amazon Kindle and on the B/N Nook.

Altered Destiny
Stranded on an alternate Earth, architect and Jill-of-all-trades, Liane Gautier-MacGregor must find her way back to her homeworld before she's enslaved...or falls in love with a man who is the exact duplicate of her ex-husband. 

Devyn MacGregor's alter ego as the Reiver Lord is the only way he can fight the Qui'arel and their nefarious Bride Bounty, a tax paid with human females...until he meets the oddly familiar woman who claims he is her husband. And who sets in motion the rebellion that will either free his countrymen or destroy them.

Kindle http://www.amazon.com/Altered-Destiny-ebook/dp/B00579FKFO/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&m=AG56TWVU5XWC2&s=books&qid=1308692836&sr=8-2

Nook http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Altered-Destiny/Lynda-K-Scott/e/2940012882417

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2 Responses to "A New Hope"

annalisa said...

I am so glad you got your rights back to your book Altered Destiny and that it is available on Amazon Kindle! I just went and purchased it. I hope you have many sales! :)


Lynda K. Scott said...

Thank you! Enjoy!