Review - In The Heat of the Bite

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Review - In The Heat of the Bite

In The Heat of The Bite
Lydia Dare
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
July 2011

Matthew Halkett, Earl of Blodswell, is a vampire. And a knight. At least, he was a knight before he became a vampire. And even 600 years later, he still has the noble instincts of a knight. When he sees a young woman standing in a drenching thunderstorm, his first thought is to assist her.

Rhiannon Sinclair does not need assistance. As the weather witch of the Coig, the storm is hers. It can be a weapon or it can reflect her emotions. She isn’t about to tell this man that. And as she quickly realizes exactly what he is, she escapes back to Thorpe House...all the while unaware that the knightly vampire has followed to ensure her safety.

Rhiannon is in London to find and see her sister, Ginny who is being launched into society by Rhiannon’s aunt. But her Aunt Greer won’t allow Rhiannon access to her sister. Rhiannon isn’t sure that Ginny wants to be cut off from her family and from her Scottish heritage. So with the help of her friends, she sets about entering society herself so that she can get the chance to speak to Ginny. She doesn’t realize that Matthew is also attending these balls and a chance encounter with him sends her magic into overload.

Each time Matthew sees Rhiannon his fascination deepens. He’s met other women in his 600 years of vampiric after life but none like Rhiannon. And as his feelings for her grow, his vampiric powers begin to decline. He’s not sure what’s happening to him. And even his maker and mentor can’t explain his malady.

Neither realize they’re falling in love and neither realize that love might just be the answer to their problems.

Once again, Lydia Dare has written a delightful paranormal romance that will make readers sigh. Her characters are for the most part noble, loyal and protective of their family and friends. I say for the most part because this book gives us one character, Aunt Greer, who I’d guess most of us would like to slap upside the head. But since Aunt Greer is only a secondary character, I suppose we can accept her less the brilliant character.

As usual, I enjoyed this book immensely. Though it’s part of the imaginative series of werewolves and vampires that Lydia Dare is famous for, the book stands alone quite nicely. The intermix of paranormal and Regency era romance draws the reader in and keeps her turning pages into the wee hours of the morning. The romance is scorching hot but has moments of touching sweetness. The plot is fast paced where it needs to be fast and sensuously slow where it needs to be slow. It’s a ‘diamond of the first water’ as Regency ton might say. I definitely recommend In The Heat of the Bite.

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