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Guest - Patricia La Barbera

Good morning! We have author Patrician La Barbera visiting us today. Patricia will give us insights on how she developed her The Tala Chronicles series.




In the second book of The Tala Chronicles, The Wolf’s Revenge, Tala makes a shocking discovery about her enemy, Willis Sharp, after the violence at her uncle’s cottage. She also realizes the ritual her uncle performed solved only part of Matt’s problem. Tala’s only hope to save Matt involves going with him to Oregon and visiting a werewolf pack who may help her...if they don’t kill her first. A mysterious couple tells her where the pack lives and that she must visit them alone. And to go there only during the day. Will she risk her life and go to them despite facing the possibility her actions could lead to Matt’s death?

What is distinctive about your paranormal romantic suspense series, The Tala Chronicles?

The Wolf’s Daughter, the first book of the series, introduces the main characters, Tala and Matt, who are in love. However, an unusual condition they each have makes it deadly for them to be together. So, it’s not your typical werewolf story.  

In The Wolf’s Revenge, the pack consists of multidimensional characters, who are not happy about being werewolves. Alpha Jeremiah has a particularly terrifying background regarding how he became a werewolf. His story has a profound effect on Tala.

Why werewolves?

Well, I think wolves are majestic creatures. I’m delighted with the photos I found for the book trailer. I think they capture that regal quality. And our son has a dog my husband and I are very fond of. If I squint, he almost looks like a wolf.

So the wolves aren’t villains?

Not Jeremiah’s pack, but wolf villains are in constant battle with the tawny wolves.

How did you pick your settings?

With the name of Wolfeboro, that city in New Hampshire had to be Tala’s hometown. And last year we visited Portland, Oregon. The city, the people, and the forests impressed me. It’s a delightfully quirky place. It just seemed to be the perfect spot for werewolves. On that trip we also went to Cannon Beach, where the wolves, Tala, and Matt visit, too. I chose a megalith there, Haystack Rock, for a suspenseful scene in one of the later books.

Tala is an unusual name. Why did you choose it?

I selected the name because it means “wolf” in a Native American language.

How did you get the idea for Edgar Owl?

Originally from New York City, I moved to Oklahoma with my husband when we were newlyweds. I spent eleven years of discovery there and developed a deep respect for Native Americans. Edgar Owl embodies many of the qualities I appreciate in them.

What part of the book did you enjoy writing the most?

Definitely the section about the Werewolf Fair. I think it’s one of the most imaginative parts of the book. The scenes came alive and some practically wrote themselves. I had so much fun with the details, and I put extra effort into involving the five senses.   

Do you have plans for more books in The Tala Chronicles?

Yes, I have a third book with a contract from World Castle Publishing, and I have a fourth book I recently completed. The setup for the series leaves many opportunities for expansion.

Your bio mentions you’re an editor who specializes in genre fiction. What does that mean?

I read both literary and genre fiction, but most of my editing experience involves categories such as paranormal, science fiction, mystery, thriller, romance, and horror. The conventions in genre are different. For example, the prose should be powerful, but clear and invisible. The reader shouldn’t focus on the words but be immersed in the story. Following the conventions increases the likelihood of getting past a publisher’s gatekeeper.

Excerpt from The Wolf’s Revenge

Tala woke with a start. The nightlight cast a beastlike shadow on the wall. The buzz and trill of forest creatures seeped through the cabin’s walls. Had she heard a faint scream and chopping noises, or had she been dreaming?

She crept out of bed and headed for the living room. The night beckoned. Stars competed with their radiance, while the water shimmered below. But was it safe to go on the porch? She opened the front door and walked outside. A cool breeze rewarded her.

Tala stood for a few moments surveying the woods surrounding the cabin. In the high bushes near the porch something rustled. She whirled in the sound’s direction. Then an arm grabbed her around the waist, and an arctic hand clamped over her mouth. Claws dragged her across the porch.

Other books by Patricia La Barbera:

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 Patricia La Barbera, MFA, is an author and editor, who specializes in genre fiction and teaches writing and editing classes. She's a member of MWA and an active member of the HWA. Patricia is also the organizer of the Sarasota Editors Association. Various magazines have featured her fiction and poetry. She lives in the Sarasota, Florida, area with her husband.



The Wolf’s Revenge book trailer

The Wolf’s Revenge on Amazon 

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Lynda K. Scott said...

Good morning, Patricia! Thanks for guesting with us today. I enjoyed your post and how you developed your story and characters.

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Thanks so much for the opportunity to guest post!