Review - The Outcast Prince by Shona Husk

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Review - The Outcast Prince by Shona Husk

The Outcast Prince
Shona Husk
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
July 2013

Caspian trailed his finger along the wooden mirror frame. Was the piece an antique or a clever fake?
One touch was enough to confirm the mirror was old.

So starts one of the most intriguing paranormal romance stories I've read in a long time. At the beginning of this sensual and otherworldly novel, Caspian Mort stops at a garage sale and finds a mirror that glimpses into the fairy realm. He also realizes a grey - a fairy who has been banished from the fairy court - is close by. He hopes the grey doesn't notice him, that it's drawn to the mirror and he combats it by…studiously ignoring even the possibility that the grey is close by. To notice the creature is the most dangerous thing he can do.

Lydia Callaway is overwhelmed by the grief of disposing of her much beloved late grandmother's property. Her grandmother's past was colorful and part of the local history. Callaway House, a mansion of an earlier age, had passed through her grandfather's family. But due to poor economics, Lydia's Gran had opened the house to…ladies and their gentlemen friends. When she finds her Gran's diaries, it reveals more than she's willing to share without a complete read. But finding the time, along with inventorying the household furniture and art work, is impossible. So she hires Caspian to help her evaluate and inventory everything that made the house her well-loved childhood home.

What she doesn't expect is the quiet and somewhat serious beauty of the man she's hired to help her. His skills and reputation are above reproach but she's leery of anyone who's job it is to tear apart the history of her old home. Lydia is surprised, however, when she finds that Caspian is sensitive to the emotions the old pieces evoke.

Caspian is a psychometric, a person who can often get glimpses of the history of a piece of furniture or artwork. It's a sharp edged gift since he'd found the evidence of his ex-wife's marital affair by simply touching his bed. As he works in Callaway House, he senses a presence, something that shouldn't be there but he can't locate it.

The attraction between him and Lydia grows slowly but no less sensually. And the emotional bond between them comes as no surprise. But Caspian is hiding a secret more hazardous than his ability to see Greys or glimpse the history of a piece of furniture. He worries that it will endanger Lydia but can he leave her now? Will it be enough to save her from the danger he faces?

Reading a Shona Husk novel is like falling asleep on your couch only to wake up in a new and different world. The characters she creates are worth learning about and the story will draw you in from word one. This is a book that should be read several times just to absorb the beauty of the prose. Not just that, but read to absorb the emotions she so deftly creates in her characters and readers.

This is a lovely story full of sensuality and emotion. You don't want to miss it.

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