Review - A SEAL Wolf Christmas

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Review - A SEAL Wolf Christmas

A Seal Wolf Christmas
Terry Spear
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
October 2013

Navy SEAL Bjornolf (Byee-or-nulf) Jorgenson has ghosted many SEAL teams in the past, saving lives without any recognition. But when he has the chance to ghost Hunter Greymere's team to rescue a kidnapped family deep in the jungle, he jumps at the chance. Not that he's interested in she-wolf Anna Johnson, an adept operative almost as skilled as he is but she intrigues him on every level. It's understandable why he'd volunteer to do a covert Christmas mission with her…even if it means trying to parent a teen-aged wolf through the season.

Christmas isn't Anna's favorite holiday. But to make it worse, she has to pose as Bjornolf's wife while trying to act like a mother to an orphaned teen-ager. But with a mysterious murder at a nearby Christmas tree farm, Anna is resolved to find the killer and get the mission over with. She's not interested in the sexy wolf SEAL she's been partnered with even if the chemistry between them is volatile.

I am so addicted to Terry Spear shifters (wolf or jaguar) that I had to read this book multiple times just because I could. In true Terry Spear fashion, there's adventure, mystery, love and personal pasts to overcome. Bjornolf is one of my favorite wolf shifters (I may say that about each one of Spear's shifters) but that's understandable. He's strong and handsome, gentle when he needs to be and ruthless when the situation requires it. Plus he can shift into a wolf! Anna is no slouch either. Her painful past digs and worms its way in tendrils throughout the story and when it's finally revealed the reader can feel her pain and grief. That's brilliant.

My recommendation … get yourself a copy of A SEAL Wolf Christmas and when your shopping is done, put your feet up with your favorite beverage beside you and enjoy yourself.

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