Thursday, July 27, 2006

Let's Blog About It!

Hi Everyone!

I'm here in Alanta right underneath the place to meet & greet the upper echelon of publishing--AKA the bar.

Have to say so far I've been having a ball! Was so excited to meet people while I volunteered at Registration. If you get the chance to help out here, then do it! It's so great to put names with faces (Lynda, Kat, Susan Grant, Anna Genoese, etc.)

I was also at the Gathering (in a short, red dress) that shouted more Red Dress Ink than FF&P, but I wanted to get attention. Though I think it was more for me jetting out to go to moderator training then slinking back in. But I did get to meet Chris Keeslar after I learned the name for Dorchester's new manga line--Showmi. Passed off my business card and he asked me to send a partial of my latest futuristic BELIEVE IN ME. Yeah!

Other highlights that I got the fortune to see were Scott Eagan of Greyhaus who said he'd love to see anything with romance as long as it's got depth. He said that would run between 75K-110K. And he accepts YA if you're so inclined, but be warned he used to teach high school, so he'll know if you're off the mark. Deidre Knight was there with Nephele Tempest from the Knight Agency and said that the market that laughed at them earlier when they shopped around Karen Marie Moning, is now seeking paras hot and heavy. They're also launching a new website this week to celebrate their 10th anniversary, so check it out.

At luncheon today, I got to hear Meg Cabot. What a gem! She was so animated and friendly. She had us rolling the whole time! I'd love to hear her give a talk on just about anything.

And then I had a meeting with Vivian Beck. Got flustered because I couldn't get an elevator to get upstairs to my room for my pitch cards and had five minutes before my pitch. Then it hit me to call Joey, my significant other along for the ride, to run to the rescue. I ended up having to report to the local Vivian had selected, and there came Joey bounding down the escalator to deliver my cards. Then I had to wait for the three others in line ahead of me. But I had a delightful time talking with Vivian's daughter. She's so personable, and I'm sure a big help to her mom. Then I got to sit down with Vivian, and as I was pitching I mentioned that I thought BELIEVE IN ME would be perfect for Showmi. She said she thought the same, and asked for the FULL!

So all in all, my conference is going super! Except for the blisters I got yesterday after being on my feet for 2/3 of the day. I thought Dr. Scholls had me covered, but alas he failed me big time. So any minute I'll be hobbling away, because the show must go on!



Angela Verdenius said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time, Skylar. Good on you! I'm so pleased. It's great to not only make good contacts, but to put names to faces. Hopefully I'll see you all in 2008 at the RT?


Lynda K. Scott said...

Skylar, I SO wanted to meet up with you again but, lame brain that I am, forgot to ask you for your room number so I could contact you. I was at the Gathering too but didn't see you. Of course, I was sitting with members of the Mudpuddle crit group--a fantastic group of writers that I know everyone will hear about in either the Golden Heart or publishing news one day.

I think the Gathering was the high point of the conference for me {g}