Friday, August 25, 2006

Never Go to Pluto

It’s a Mickey Mouse Planet.

That joke is older than I am, but now it has a new punch line.

Never Go to Pluto – it’s not a planet at all!

According to the International Astronomical Union, Pluto, long considered the ninth planet in our solar system, no longer qualifies for the title. [It’s kind of like a publisher being kicked out of the RWA if you think about it. You’re in the club for all those years, thinking everything is fine and one day someone comes along and changes the rules and boom, you’re out on your asteroid.]

I feel bad about it. Pluto deserves to be allowed back into the ranks. Sure, they’re saying it’s a dwarf planet – but that’s like being ‘almost pregnant.’ You either are a planet or you’re not. Poor Pluto, relegated to second-class planetship.

It has to be lonely being so far from the sun and the butt of an interplanetary joke besides. If I were Pluto, I’d think I’d pack up and leave the party. I mean, why hang around where you’re obviously not wanted? Of course, before I left, I think I’d moon everybody.

That’s just me. What do you think about Pluto?


Lynda K. Scott said...

Jennifer, I totally agree. Pluto, whether it's a dwarf planet or not, should be allowed offical status.

MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott said...

And just imagine if it had been inhabited...suddenly, tens of Plutonians would be cut off from the intergalatic neighborhood. Their passports would be seized and they'd no longer be considered citizens. It would be horrible. The Plutonian children would be taunted by other kids that live on 'real planets'....

I agree that it's just plain wrong to take away its status. It reminds me of the time the Catholics decided to disband purgatory.


Skylar Masey said...

I hard heard rumors about a week earlier, when they were thinking about incorporating 3 "new" planets (one of which was an asteroid) and yet hadn't thought to include our moon. I thought they didn't have anything more pressing to meet about, so they decided to switch up all the rules? And now they just up and decide to kick it out?

I know advances in technology prove things true that we might've gotten wrong earlier. But in this instance I cry "Foul!" Just because it's small, doesn't mean Pluto shouldn't get to play with everyone else. Especially when it's already been in the game for years.

Plus, do you have any idea how much it's going to cost to redo all those pictures, charts, graphs everywhere of the solar system because of this "edict". Millions atleast!

Angela Verdenius said...

how typical. Some bigwigs decide something is no longer good enough to qualify. Which just goes to show, they haven't a clue what they're talking about, and what gave them the right to decide what planets qualified, anyway? I mean, do they OWN the other planets? No! And give it another 10/20/30 years and someone else in power will decide that Pluto SHOULD come back in, and oh, maybe they'll just hoist another one out's all just a big name game...

I rest my case!

Angela*getting off my soapbox now*