Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Star-Crossed Romance

High Tech vs Medieval-style sci-fi

Why is it, I wonder, that so many sci-fi/futuristic romances are set in either high tech society, or in almost medieval-like societies. Is it that one is what we imagine it will be like, and the other what we secretly wish for?

High tech can be a scary thought. Maybe it won't be like we...well, like. What if there is no sex? *Heaven forbid!* What if we procreate using artificial insemination, or a little dish? What if sex is ruled out due to STDs? Or if more people stay single and so only meet to approve the sperm donor?

Oh HORRORS! Where's the romance in that?

But medieval...there's still that strong man mentality (yes, the good ol' Alpha and Beta man). That take-charge man who oozes testosterone and makes the panties wet. Yeah, that's the kind of romances we want! (or some of us).

I'm not talking the hero who is an unfeeling turkey, doing what he wants and never mind anyone else. I'm talking about the macho man who sweeps us off our feet (hey, it IS fantasy, remember? LOL). Hot sex and hot body and that he-man attitude (within reason). Hot lovin'.

But in a high tech society...will they do that? Can high tech be hot hot hot and make our blood sizzle? Will they be too caught up in political correctness and what is sexually right and what shouldn't be done? Will spontaniety go out the window when high tech comes zooming in?

Scary thought. *sniffle*

So I guess it's up to readers to say what they want in their high tech/medieval-style sci-fi/futuristic romances, and for authors to decide how hot they're gonna make the future, and what style of future it will be.

After all, think of the possibilites. Floating sex palaces, hot toys as in pleasure robots, romance at the flick of a switch, bathtub bubbles fragrant and never ending. No STDs and men who can go all night . New customs, blending of old and new - it is so limitless!

With a good old fashioned love match wrestle *guffaw*.

Sorry...I am just an old fashioned girl at heart!

Personally, I think there's room for both in sci-fi/futuristic romances. It's just up to us to use our imaginations and keep the romance strong and hot

And I like a sci-fi that mixes a bit of both!!! After all...I do LOL.



MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott said...

I have two novellas coming out from Red Sage in the next year. One, titled Fatal Error, and the other, Falling Stars. They both futuristics and sci-fi. I think they're both hot! Though both my men are definate Alpha's... though just being in the same room as the heroines make them very tender and vulnerable.

I think you can make a futuristic hero without making him unfeeling, or leaching the romance from the story. I don't know...maybe I approach things wrong, but I don't write my heroes any different if I'm writing for the future storyline than I do if I'm writing a contemporary, or fantasy. I think the core of the heroes are the same. Tough on the outside...fluffy marshmellow filling where his love is concerned. That's not saying he's a whipping boy for her...but he definately makes no bones (unintended pun) about how he feels about her.


Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

I like to mix futuristic with primitive, so my spacefarers may end up on a planet with a medieval type society or even a stone age one! That's why I like sci-fi - it doesn't necessarily have to be high-tech.

Lynda K. Scott said...

Angela, great post!

I like to create characters who will act within certain parameters, who have certain mental/emotional traits. IOW, they have to be heroic according to my definition. So it doesn't matter, to me, whether they're in the future or fighting a dragon :D

Skylar Masey said...

TIES OF VALOR is a futuristic with some techie attributes, but the basic love story grows in a medieval setting. I did that because I loved the pagentry, and okay I admit it, weapons of long ago. To that end I had a futuristic sentry who was the only person in her class to chose to use a sword. Imagine her delight when she crash lands into a world of sword bearers. Then imagine that she wants to fight, but can't because of rules guarding her gender from combat. Man, was Zara peeved! But what conflict! And I'll tell you now, Awyn & Zara tussle in a roundabout way on the holo-field.

In BELIEVE IN ME, I kept a frame story (Earth) and created another futuristic realm (Winzles). In Winzles, I could create what I wanted, but tried to stay as "real" as possible so I wouldn't have readers going "No way in HE--!" But hopefully they'll be jazzed by the new tricks I came up with for my band of super-saviors.

As for hot, I never really aim for a hot level. I let the story build the intimacy. However, I can tell you that erotica isn't my forte'. But floating sex that has me brainstorming a new adventure for Awyn's heartthrob brother, Talis.