Tuesday, September 26, 2006

If Wishes Came True

This is the title of my latest release, a paranormal romance that's out now with Samhain Publishing. Here's the blurb to tickle your tastebuds...

Maddy Langton has been in lust with fellow undercover detective, Rafe West, for two years. Although they enjoyed a brief sexual encounter during an undercover surveillance, Maddy ran from Rafe before her lust for him jeopardized her career…and because bad boy Rafe loves his women blonde and gorgeous--everything she’s not.

When Maddy helps a couple of Buddhist monks, the grateful monks give Maddy a ring and ask her to make a wish. Maddy wishes to be the blonde with Rafe. And when she puts on the ring, that’s what she suddenly becomes.

Willing to do anything to spend a night with him, Maddy lets Rafe believe she’s his beautiful companion. But does Rafe really want her or the beautiful blonde she’s become?

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MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott said...

Oh my God! I'm developing a story about a cop named Rafe who likes his women blonde and gorgeous...isn't that a hoot? Mine isn't paranormal though, it's romantic suspense and the heroine in it used to be the 'type' of woman Rafe would have gone for, but she's had to change her looks to go into hiding from her past.

I've often been amused by my crit partners when I start reading their stories and there are similarities between characters, or names, or situations. I start wondering about the collective consciousness and how people who live so far away from one another can have the same ideas. If I could figure out a way to write an interesting story about it. I would. Hehehehehee...

Skylar Masey said...


I love the internal conflict of the heroine! Does he really want me for me, or for my package? I think that's a huge crisis for some women, especially those with low self-esteem. Fabulous idea!