Monday, September 25, 2006

We Interupt this Blog to Bring You an Important Message

I know it's not my day to post, but I just had to share... Kathleen Scott just got a rockin' review for her novella FATAL ERROR, which will be available Dec. 06 from Red Sage Publishing.

Here's the story blurb from (Kathleen and MK's website) with the review following it:

Jesse Storm must make amends to humanity by destroying the computer program he helped design that has taken the government hostage while protecting the woman he's loved in secret for nearly a decade.

Soran Roberts is an accountant who has become annoyed by the government's strong-arm control of the citizenry. Though the secret crush she had on Jesse in college was unrequited, she will never forget his intensity. When their paths cross again, the passion that always simmered below the surface ignites and threatens to burn them alive, even as they attempt to save the country.

Now the review...

Rating 4.5

FATAL ERROR is packed full of action, adventure and danger around every corner. Kathleen Scott is sensational at spinning a web of suspense that readers will find themselves trapped in. Jesse Storm is confident, sexy and hell bent on fixing his wrong doings. Soran is caught in the middle of it all, but has the courage to do what it takes to help the man she has fallen for. FATAL ERROR is an exciting tale that kept my mind whirling at all the possibilities of what the future might hold. I will certainly by on the lookout for the next adventure that Kathleen Scott pens.

The review is by Angel Brewer at Romance Junkies.

Thanks Angel for making the day into a total celebration!!!

Rock On.



Cassandra Kane said...

Congrats on the excellent review!

Loretta said...

This sounds like a wonderful read. Will add this to my list.