Tuesday, October 17, 2006

frustrating characters

Right now, I hate my two characters. Well, no, I don't really HATE them. That's the wrong word.

My current two characters frustrate me. Man, they Frustrate me so MUCH! I want to hit them! Smack them! Tell them to darned well behave or there's going to be TROUBLE!

Readers have asked me many times about these two. I have dreamed of these two characters. They have featured as side characters through different books, they have unfinished business, they are a deadly pair...I have daydreamed their story. I have had darned awesome daydreams, if I do say so myself! So why won't it gel on paper? (or computer screen LOL).

They are both hard characters, cold, calculating, secretive, neither talk much. They are deadly. They have their own agendas. It should all be so easy. But NO, it can't be, can IT? *fuming*

Is it because, as their space ship soars through the galaxy, this couple eyes each other, and there's definite sparks, but...this is the big thing. They can't just fall into each other's arms by pg 50, as that's not their true characters. It's not THEM. I can't write a love scene just because it's a romance book, right? Right. That would not do justice to the story or the characters, and I can't do that to them or my readers...or me.

And there's so much going on behind the scenes. The back story, the side story...I love that. I love side plots. That side plot is going fine. No worries. No sweat.

But this couple - man, this couple are trouble. I swear they're laughing at me! But you know what, they are so intriguing. Yes, that's right, this couple I want to slap silly, intrigue me. They do so because their relationship is so unusual, so different, it has so much potential to be so unique.

And that's the beauty of sci-fi/futuristic romances, you can make the romances so unique. They don't have to meet, fight, kiss and make-up, fall in love and HEA. Oh yeah, I have to have the HEA, but the journey there can be so much fun, frustration and totally awesome on the way.

Okay, now I remember why I started the story for this particular couple. So I can enjoy the ride along the way!

whoo hoo!

Angela LOL


Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Sounds like a great story so far, Angela. I love the long build-up. To many romances throw a couple together in the first few pages and then there's no where to go. I believe in instant attraction, but not for EVERY couple, sometimes it takes a while to get your groove on and those are the best love stories. If, by the time the couple get together, the readers are panting for it, you've done your job well.

MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott said...

One of my works in progress has a heroine who is accussed of killing the hero's wife, and she goes on the run. For the first half of the book he is looking for her before the authorities find her. All this takes place in a subterranean continent where the indigenous people are descended from a mammalian form of dragon. (The hero and heroine are not dragon descendants though). The story takes place in a world where technology and magic collide and there is interstellar travel, but the majority of money made by transporters are by bootleggers like the heroine is...Well, she's a master bootlegger. It is one of those odd stories that I just started writing one night because I didn't feel like writing on the books I had started. When I discovered the exact reason why the heroine was on the run, it seemed like everything sort of came together.

And I agree with you...some characters are so easy to write while others drag YOU kicking and screaming through the story they want to tell. I've learned over the years to trust what my characters are telling me, and give them some freedom in telling the story. The headaches lesson some when you give in to their wishes.