Thursday, October 26, 2006

Halloween Memories

I'm slipping this in here today, because I got really busy yesterday and thought my day to submit was later in the week. I just checked the schedule and wouldn't you know...once again...I've messed up. The blonde genes are engaged and in overactive at that moment.

Anyhoo, Halloween...that scary, fun, creative, favorite holiday of mine. I don't know if it has something to do with growing up in the Midwest where the fall smelled crisp and sugary from the leaves, or if it was the anticipation of dressing up and getting butt loads of candy, I have always loved Halloween.

I remember dressing up as Mother Nature, a witch, an Ace of Diamonds, and that's all I remember. I don't know why I've blocked the others out, or why they're lost to the misama of my memories. I guess I don't remember the costumes as much as the feeling I'd get that time of year. For some reason even my elementary teachers seemed at their most creative around Halloween. One year - I believe it was third grade - the teacher put on a record of Vincent Price reading a rendition of the Tell Tale Heart. I remember vividly sitting at my little desk and drawing pictures of fairy realms and evil sorcerors. Is it any wonder I grew up to be a writer with teachers like that in my past? How wonderful is that? To let kids just sit at the end of the day and listen to a story and let their imgination soar. To me, the fall has always represented possibilities, more so than any other season. Even back then I think the lore of the veils between worlds was strong in me, even if I didn't fully understand the explanations or implications. I never thought of Halloween as an 'evil' holiday - and to hear people say that makes me very angry - I've always thought of it as the last hurrah before the arctic freeze of winter came along and spoiled it all. (Truthfully, as a kid I didn't mind winter. But I do now that I'm grown and have to drive in it. Ugh). -

I noticed over the last few days that I'm at my most creative in a writing sense in the fall. My mind starts whirling and scenarios start flowing, and I can't always write them all down they come at me so fast. Right now I'm doing the preliminaries for a dimensional travel story. I still haven't finished my other books I'm trying to write, and here I am thinking of others. What's wrong with me? If I could just win the lottery, I could sit at my computer and write and not have to worry about the time constraints placed upon me by having to work 3 nights a week.

I'll blame it on the season.

What season helps make your creative juices flow?



Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Ah, fall is my season too. For some reason I feel like it's the star of a new year - must be my pagan roots. Everything is crisp and cool and bright. The colors of the leaves and the brught blue of the sky seem to clear my head and make me think better. I get ambitious in the fall. I come up with a lot of ideas and feel the overwhelming need to get to work on everything all at once. It's probably not normal. LOL

Lynda K. Scott said...

I'll admit Fall isn't my favorite season but...I DO think it's the most dramatic. The splashes of color, the swing in temperature, the crackle of leaves underfoot and the smells? Lordy, I love the smell of Fall--wood smoke curling from chimneys and the crisp ambience of the air just make me want to sigh with pleasure.

No, Fall isn't my favorite season but I like it just fine :D

Skylar Masey said...

I'm definitely a fall writer. I think it's because at the beginning of the year, you're getting back in the swing of things after the holidays. Then Spring & Summer come and you want to go outside on those pretty days. But Fall is a time for contemplation about what you've accomplished and what you'd like to tie up before the end of the year. And because it's chillier, you can't stay outside for extended periods. So if you're inside why not write & read, two things I know we all like to do.

I finished 2 full mss (ALL I EVER WANTED & JUST ONE LIFE) in one Fall.

Skylar Masey said...

Talking of schooltime during Halloween, my sister wrote a short story to read to her 1st grade class so they could play word Bingo. The story is about a little boy who gets picked on by bullies, but on halloween his teddy bear dressed as a pumpkin comes alive and scares them, so he gets all their candy.