Wednesday, November 29, 2006

ah - that sweet taste of - THE END!

I love my characters and I love my books, but you know what is the ultimate in satisfaction? When you type The End - and you know you've given the story the best you can.

As most people know here, my current book has been a battle. I mean, not only is it romance, and sci-fi, but it does have a streak of violence, mainly because of the story line and the characters involved. The characters, the main hero and heroine, aren't sweet, aren't gentle, but nor are they cruel. They are strong, cold at times, very calm and controlled. So deviation of this has to be for a reason.

I'm a big believer in that characters need to be what they're portrayed, hence if I have a tough heroine/hero, that's what you're going to get.

These two characters and I have fought for at least half of the book. But then, as the deadline loomed, I started burning the candle at both ends (you know, on nights off work writing until 3 or 4am, falling into bed to read for another half hour [of course] then up at 9 or 10am and back to the keyboard). I lived and breathed these characters, and the story suddenly started to pull together.

I finished their story on Saturday afternoon. I had sniffled through a scene in the early hours of Sat morning, had a few hours sleep, and tackled them again, knowing I was nearly finished. When I typed The End, I sat back and looked at it.

It was The End. The end of about three months of internal and external conflict with these characters and the story. Did I do the characters justice? Had I done the readers justice? Many have been waiting for these two to finally have their story. Have I done the villains justice, the side characters, the plot, the story-line?

To that, I can answer yes. It's one of the hardest stories I've written, but it was never going to be easy with these two characters. But the satisfaction of finally having finished, knowing I'd done the best I can...that was a huge reward. And strangely enough, after our fights, I am fond of these two characters, I'm drawn to them. I guess living and breathing and fighting with them for three months has pretty much ingrained them in me LOL.

I have submitted, and now is the waiting game. Is it too violent, too 'hot', too...something? Ah the self-doubts of a writer! Sending our 'baby' into the world is always scary LOL. Now I will see what the response is.

Meanhwile The End may have come for this couple, but it's not the complete The End. Side characters often pop up in my other books, and no doubt these two have their little roles to play in other stories, so it's not the last of them.

Yep, it's The End for this particular couple's story, but now there's something else to think about. Another story, another couple, another's never really The End, is it, in the world of books and romance?

So now, I'm having a week or two off writing, catch up on emails, watch a little TV, read some books...oh yeah, and go to work - that never ends! LOL then it's on to a new adventure in a galaxy full of possibilities and promises!!!



MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott said...

Congrats, Angela. You must indulge yourself in a really long bubble bath with a great book!!! Have a chocolate bar and champagne while you're in there. Be decadant as you've earned it. : )

Personally, I've never, ever written the end on the last page of a story. Because for my characters, it's never really the end either. They go on and have lives, or pop up in other stories. So, I don't. It must come from cutting my teeth on writing fantasy where every story arc begins as a series. Hehehehehhehehee....


Lynda K. Scott said...

Congrats, Angela! Do let us know where we can buy this one!

Xandra Gregory said...

I love that "The End" high! Not that my characters don't go on...but the resolution of the plot they're currently in, or the character arc they're currently undergoing gives me such a sense of accomplishment. Every time I write "the end" I feel like the Gods of Writing are looking down and proclaiming, "Yea, verily, it is true that she doth not suck completely."