Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas contest & wishes

Firstly, I have a new release out this month, Love's Beguiling Healer. It's been released by Wings ePress in ebook and trade paperback format and is available right now.

For a little taste of it, here's an excerpt:

And, stars, he tasted her instead. His rough tongue slid across her lower lip in a smooth glide, rasping gently. Her knees started to shake, and she blindly sought out the rail behind her with her own hands, gripping onto the smooth marble tightly for support.
Then he licked her top lip, with the same rasping gentleness.
“We shouldn’t--” she began hoarsely, only to halt as a warning growl rumbled from him.
Tensely he waited until she stilled, then he trailed his tongue back to the center of her lips, playing the tip along the little bow on the middle of her top lip. Dipping his tongue down a little, he found the very center of where her lips met.
Heart thundering, Tera started to open her lips, eager for his kiss.
He nipped her.
Tera jumped and jerked her head back. Her bottom lip tingled. It didn’t pain, but she could feel the imprint of his sharp teeth in the tender flesh. Shocked, she stared up at him. “You bit me!”
“So? You bit me!” Reaching up incredulously, she touched her lip.
“I’m a carnivore.” His teeth flashed with a white sharpness in the gloom. “What did you expect?”
“I’m not a piece of meat, damn it!”
“And yet you’re so tasty.”
For a Felys, his smile was very wolfish.
Eyes narrowed, Tera placed her hands on his chest and shoved hard.
Illam only leaned further into her.
“I’ll scream,” she threatened.
“Go ahead,” he taunted.
“Don’t play games with me, Illam!”
“But I want to play with you, healer.” His breath was warm on her face, the faint hint of spice within it. “I find I suddenly want to play with you very much.”


The hero is one of a Felys species (feline-type) while the heroine is an Argon healer apprentice. Both of very sensual, sexy races.

To win an ebook copy of this latest release (book 11 in the Heart & Soul series), go to my website and find the Heart & Soul book page, then list the titles available now. Then send your list to me at and I will put you in the draw!

Because I am late with this *sheepish grin* the contest won't close until the 30th Dec 2006.

And now - I want to wish you all a very safe and Merry Christmas, and best wishes for a Happy New Year. May it be filled with love, kindness and happiness - and good reading!

Angela *who is having salad and cold meat for Christmas lunch as it is summer Down Under and HOT!*

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