Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas shopping

This morning Mum and I went downtown to finish off most of the Christmas shopping. Fortunately, the side of town we went to was rather quiet, as most of the action on a Saturday morning is at the Northgate Shopping Center, away from the mall.

The only places I heard Christmas music, or saw any decorations, was in the cheap shops. You know the ones? King Kong, 2 Buck Shop, Red Dot. How sad is that? I LOVE Christmas music at Christmas. I would have thought the big shops would have been playing Christmas music and having the deco up...

Anyway, I've decided Chritsmas is what you make it. We have our Christmas music playing, and Mum is going to decorate the house as usual. The cats will help her and I'll enjoy the entertainment of that, I can tell you!

And have you seen the ebooks and trade paperback books out that have a Christmas theme? Trsikelion have a few, that much I know. I think it would be awesome to give romance books with a Christmas theme to a bookworm for Christmas. Awesome! Do a search on Christmas books at the different ebook and trade paperback publishers and see what you come up with!

I LOVE getting books for Christmas. Well, I love getting books anytime, so...LOL

So if you're wondering what to get some people for Christmas, why not introduce them to an ebook? You can open up a whole new world to them! There are so many historical, horror, romances in different genres, YA, mystery - almost everything available!

Speaking of which, I've been catching up on my own reading since finishing my last WIP. Now I find myself looking at my list of other books I want to write and debating debating debating...LOL

So many books to read, so many to write - and so little time to do all!



MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott said...

I agree. There is never enough time to write everything. I still have to finish my current wip and I'm already chomping at the bit to work on my next one.


Lynda K. Scott said...

Angela, I've been giving books as gifts for years, particularly for younger readers. I have to admit that some 'older' readers are leery about spending time on an electronic device to read a book but I've been cajoling and encouraging them to try it. Buying them one for Christmas seems like an excellent idea!