Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas wishes, contest and giveaway....

Due to the holidays and running around like a beheaded Christmas bird, plus work and deadlines, I've missed several go-rounds for my posts. I'm very sorry. I'll try to be better this coming year. I have to get more organized. Help me Obi-won Kenobi, you're my only hope....

Anyhoo, in release news. My alter-ego Kathleen Scott has a new title out this month in Secrets Volume 17: Erotic Nights. The novella is "Fatal Error" and is about a dystopian future USA, controlled by the designs of a meglomanic supercomputer gone sentient. Here's a taste of the action.

Fatal Error by Kathleen Scott


Jesse Storm, must make amends to humanity by destroying the computer program he helped design that has taken the country and government hostage, while trying to protect the woman he has loved in secret for nearly a decade. Soran Roberts, a federal accountant, has become increasingly annoyed by the government’s strong-arm control of the citizenry. Though the secret crush she had on Jesse Storm in college was unrequited, she will never forget his intensity. When their paths cross again the passion that always simmered below the surface of their relationship boils over and threatens to burn them alive while they fight to save the country.

Set up:

Jesse had just finished downloading the virus into the computer’s mainframe to take it off line and hopefully give control of the country back to the people. He didn’t count on Soran’s unwitting cooperation or the chance to steal her personal keyboard that is a direct link to the computer’s gray matter and imprinted with Soran’s fingerprint recognition. With the keyboard, he and the other members of his group will have a better chance of activating the virus. But first they have to make it back to the warehouse.


Jesse held her hand as they moved through the oppressive night. They needed to get across town to the wharf, but with the amount of police out and about it was not an easy task. Then there was Soran’s outfit.
By now, all the police in the area had been sent pictures of them. While his dark t-shirt and utility pants wouldn’t stand out in any crowd, that short skirt and peek-a-boo shirt of hers were sure to get her noticed quickly.
He couldn’t take her into any well-lit places, and they needed to avoid all public transportation, like the sky trams. That left cabs, and hoofing it across town. He didn’t really relish the idea of making her walk across town in bare feet either. No telling what kind of funky disease she’d end up with then.
“Come on, babe. We need to get to the waterfront.”
“We can take my glider.”
Figured she’d have a nice piece of personal transportation. He shook his head. “It’s registered. They’re looking for us, and you should have no doubt they already know everything about you, including the registration on your glider.”
“What about the underground? There’s a subway tunnel somewhere around here, isn’t there?”
Taking her to the underground held about as much appeal for Jesse as his memory of watching her suck face with the jerk she dated for a short while in college. When the city transportation department had gone bankrupt forty years ago, they had closed the subway lines in order to save money. They had never reopened and had become a haven for the city’s homeless population. “Not an option.”
“Can you jack a trike?” She asked leading him down another alley.
The trike she referred to was the three-thruster equivalent of an old three-wheeled conveyance, or tricycle. They were a cheaper form of personal transportation that required very little in way of upkeep. They were also very easy to jack. Jesse didn’t know if he felt insulted by her insinuation that it may not be a skill he possessed.
“I can jack one. Where is it?”
“There.” She pointed to the back entrance of an Asian restaurant. The trike had a sign on it that read: Lucky Fong’s Take Out. Poor Fong wouldn’t be too lucky tonight.
A blaze of flashing lights trapped them in their spot.
The police glider cruised at the second floor level. Another one followed at street level. The police were beginning to sweep the area for them. The past six months had seen an overwhelming increase in the number of police guarding the streets. The Restoration Brigade had speculated how there came to be so many new cops in such a short time, but hadn’t come to any conclusions. But whatever the reason for the increased police presence, Jesse needed to make short work of the trike, and without Soran standing over him, distracting him with her warm breath down his back.
“Wait here. I’ll go jack the trike and come for you. The cops are looking for two people, not one. If they see me by the trike they won’t be as suspicious.”
“No, you’ll ditch me now that we’re out of the building.”
Who was she kidding? “Not a chance.” He crushed his mouth to hers to reestablish his intent.
Her mouth opened and she slid her tongue against his. Electricity burned his nerve endings, fusing his rigid body to hers. This wasn’t serving the cause; it was only serving his selfish need. And for all he didn’t show it this night, his main goal in life had been to not selfishly bring Soran to him. But that plan had shattered the moment he saw her again.
He pulled away from her. “Stay here.”
She nodded and made no other comment.
The way appeared clear. In the crosswalk he could see the flashing lights from the police vehicles bouncing off the slick facades of the buildings. Even at night, crowds began to gather outside the Complex, curiosity pushing their fears of government aside. Jesse smiled in satisfaction. The more people roaming the streets, the less chance they had of being caught.
He moved quickly to the trike. A quick survey of the vehicle showed it was an older model, but well maintained. The door locks were disengaged, so it would only take a moment to reconfigure the programming and start the engine and thrusters.
Five minutes later he pulled into the alley where Soran waited for him leaned up against a building, the keyboard tucked up against her body.
He idled the trike and held out his hand to help her on board. She leaned forward, tucking the keyboard between them and placing her arms tight around his waist.
The sore ribs still ached, but to have Soran so close he could stand a little discomfort. It would have been better had she not put the keyboard between them and he could have felt her breasts rubbing against his back. Jesse dismissed the horny thoughts and hit the button to pull the doors down around them. “Hold on, babe. These things may be small, but they rocket.”
A cheap thrill moved through him as she tightened her arms as he released the idle and they shot forward through the streets.
Pride screamed through him. Twice tonight he’d gotten away due to Soran’s quick thinking. She would definitely be an asset to the organization. If she decided to stay with him. It was a far cry from saving one’s self against immediate threat, to helping to overthrow the government.


Quiz Questions:

1. Where is the warehouse located that Jesse and Soran are trying to get to?

2. Why doesn't Jesse want to take Soran's glider across town?

3. What is the underground?

4. Who is Lucky Fong?

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Have a safe and happy holidays to you and yours.



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