Thursday, December 07, 2006

Loss of an Editor

I got an email today that shook my little corner of the world. One of my favorite editors wrote me to say she was leaving my publisher. (No, I am not going to reveal either name or publisher because I don't know if she's made this information public yet.) - I understand that people move around, change places or decided to take a different direction, but this is a person who loved my work, and raved about it when she read it...I much more positive of a response can you get?

Saying I'm sorry to see her go is an understatement - I'm devestated. She is both easy going and wondeful to work with. A real dream editor. What if the other editors there don't like my work? Well, contractually that means little since they have first dibs, but ultimately if they pass on the work, I can send elsewhere. So I'm not totally out if they do turn it down. But I love this publisher so I want to continue submitting to them...not that I won't...this is coming out in a jumbled emotional tidalwave. What I'm saying is...I hate to see her go, but when I first submitted to the publisher in '05, I didn't know a soul there and I still sold to them, so does it really change anything? Hopefully not. Though I already write for them, I could still get rejected on subsequent work, as each piece must stand on its own merit. And now I have no clue who is going to handle the paranormal and futuristic pieces. ughhhhhh...

I know this happens frequently in the writing business, and we have to suck it up and deal, keep our chins up and continue to trudge along. At least I'm not an orphan, like I've read happens to some writers when their publishers close entire lines and they are having to find other places to publish. Now that would be truly devestating. Heartbreaking.

And yet I continue to write. I continue to submit. I continue to strive for that ultimate goal: name recognition and a loyal fan base.

I wish much good luck and fortune to my editor in her new path, whatever it may be. To the rest of you, I ask: has this ever happened to you and what did you do?



Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

I'm so sorry, Kat! Losing an editor can be like losing a friend. I'm sure the new editor will rave about your work as well. Fingers crossed that you find someone as easy to work with.

Lynda K. Scott said...

It hasn't happened to me but I've a number of friends who have been 'orphaned' (Their definition is simply losing their editor). From what I can see, it's like losing a member of the family. Very traumatic, very heartbreaking.

But, Kat, you're an excellent writer. The publisher would be foolish to let you drift away. I'm sure they'll assign a new editor to you. I'll bet that new editor will be delighted to get you :D