Monday, January 15, 2007

Pre-Spring Cleaning

If anyone read my resolutions for writing this year...I think I posted that on my account, they would notice that one of my main goals is to clean off my "desk" and submit all the stories that are now sitting on disks half-written. I'm happy to report that I've finished two. I don't know how well those count since I only started them in December, but for the sake of feeling accomplished, I'll count them anyhow.

I have too many projects floating around that are not going to do me any good unless they are finished and find a home. Thing is...I think at least one of them is really very good in scope and detail. (Lynda might remember this one from a crit group we're on) It' titled The Ward and is set in a technologically advanced world that still stubbornly holds onto the mystical practice of psychic matter manipulations. Though the civilizations on my planet has intersellar travel, the story takes place primarily in a subterranen continent. The indigenous people of the continent - a species I call Glor - are descended from a species of mammalian dragon. I've had so much fun writing this world, but at the same time I got stuck on a scene where the hero and heroine are in a bar about to have their first real confrontation. I stopped to write 2 other novels after getting about 90 pages into this book....I don't know why.

I do that sometimes. There are other novels and novellas I've started that are just as much fun, just as hot. But for some reason I get a new idea and become totally infatuated with it and just HAVE to write it, not finishing my other stories in the process.

Bad writer. Bad, bad writer.

I've noticed that most of my unfinished projects are futuristics and sci-fi's. I don't know why I find the need to neglect those genres when I feel some of my best work has been in that area. I'm obviously not having any luck with my fantasy novels. (Check out my personal blogs for the rant on that score - oh and my contemporary isn't having much luck either.) So, hopefully in a few months there will be a few new novellas submitted by Kathleen Scott and few novels by MK Mancos at some lucky publisher...( attempt at levity.)

Wish me luck. I think my characters are going to be pretty pissed at me when I get back to them after such a long absence. They've been in holding patterns for some cases years.



Angela Verdenius said...

Oh Kat, I can relate! I just entered my blog...rant, really LOL. I have so many things on the go, and now I'm panicking because what if I don't get them all done as promised?

I always start off okay - had a plan for this year - but as usual, I overloaded msyelf and *sniffle* it's only Januray still!

Skylar Masey said...

Kat-I hope your Glor don't gang up and gobble you down as penance:0)
Congrats on getting those 2 stories done! It's a step in the right direction!