Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Writing plans all gone

I was going to be organized this year. Totally organized. I had all my characters worked out, what I was going to do, how to do it. I even have my next book sorted out - as far as the two characters, but that's all LOL. No idea for their actual story yet.

But now I find I'm under pressure. As usual. I need to get some short stories done, and two books. By June. And promo. And work full time.

Am I mad? Why do I let this happen to me? Why why why?

It's because I want to do so much, accomplish so much, try to get more books out to different publishers, striving for the ultimate goal of writing for a living...and in the world of writing, that means - WRITE and PROMO!

All my little plans of being organized went right out the window when I sat down and stared at everything I had promised myself and others I would do. Bummer.

Now if I lived in a sci-fi world, I would be whisking off to save the universe, nab me a hunk, and polish my space ship all in one week.

I can't even wash my car.

I'm panicking because I need to write short stroies of about 6000 words. I thought my throat was cut when I wrote a 15,000 word short story, and then decided that wasn't too bad. I could do that. But 6000 words? How can I write a good story in just 6000 words? How can I build strong characters and a believable story in just SIX THOUSAND WORDS, I ASK YOU?


And if only I didn't keep procrastinating about it. I cleaned up every file on my computer the other day, went through all my discs. Did my computer housekeeping. But now there's nothing to make me procrastinate about anymore...

oh wait. I need to brush the cats...



Skylar Masey said...

I know wxactly what you mean! Its like you run, run, run 24/7 and the cycle never stops.

When I felt like putting off revisions the other day, I came to the conclusion that none of this time wasting hooey is getting me where I want to go...published with more books out there...so I got my keister in the chair. But there are those days you just wish you could take a break and breath.

Anyone guilty of using a sick day?

Anonymous said...

OMG, the guilt of sitting still is overwhelming. I get more done around the house when I'm trying to procrastinate from writing than at any other time. I've got a lot of plans for 2007 too, and every once in a while I sit back and take inventory of everything I do and everything I need to do and it's shocking how much I put on my own plate. I don't think it will ever change, though. If I'm not busy every minute, I feel like I'm wasting time.