Friday, March 16, 2007

I Need a Hero...ine

I've got the seeds for a WIP for another anthology traveling around in my head. One of the minor characters I got somewhat attached to in the story "Hounded" is the character of Sonny Solaverde. Sonny is an engineer and the lead on the HELIOS solar array project that allows the LEO (Low Earth Orbit) ring-cities to attain their independence from Earth. Sonny is also the human avatar for the god Apollo, who sometimes walks around in Sonny's skin.

Now Sonny's a tough guy--he's strong, cares about the people working on his project, and serves the sun god as best as he can. And it has its perks--when Apollo's riding him, he has the Touch--the ability to touch someone and experience a n empathic memory of theirs. The Touch includes the ability to invoke reactions in the person being touched--he can take away pain, or give it if he needs to. He can also give pleasure. As with any fringe benefits, though, there comes a price. It's physically exhausting, it's addictive, and it eats him from the inside. It's also bug-all hard to have any privacy.

My only question about him is--what kind of a heroine is out there for poor ol' Sonny? Most of the time, having a hero pop up in my mind or in free writing usually means that a heroine isn't far behind (or another hero, for that matter). This time around, though...Sonny's still floating in space with no potential ladylove in sight. So I'm looking for ideas. What kind of a woman could potentially snag his attention? What kind of woman would eventually come 'round to sometimes having a god along for the ride? ;)


MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott said...

Someone who gets off on having sex while someone's watching? I don't know. was a stab in the dark anyhow.

Honestly, I see her as a demure, shy, soft-spoken scientist. Probably someone in the background of his crew. She's very intelligent, but doesn't call attention to herself - which would set up a nice conflict and counterpoint for your hero walking around with a god inside him. She can temper him, make him human, and bring out his softer side.

I read a book about two weeks ago by Charles Sheffield titled, Starfire. It was more straight sci-fi but there was a budding romance in it. The hero was an engineer, top in his field, and very dynamic and in control when he spoke on matters of science and problem solving. When it came to his feelings for the heroine, he kept it pretty much inside him. There was this wonderfully tender moment where he's passed out in the bathroom and the heroine finds him. As she passes through his bedroom to get to him, she notices he has a framed picture of her beside his bed - one he tore off from the cover of a magazine. As I read that my heart gave a little tug. He never would have told her about his feelings for her, but there they were displayed on his dresser. And since she had been wandering around the space station they were on thinking he didn't see her in a romantic light, it made it all the more poignant. Loved it! - I see something sort of like that working for you here. Of course, being a romance they couldn't pussyfoot around the relationship too much, but it might be fun to pair up such an alpha male/godkind to someone who is more science oriented and maybe has other things on her mind besides falling in love. I see a whole lot of potential for conflict there, both emotional and plot driven.

Just a thought. Good luck.


Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Wow, Xandra! This sounds great - I love the name - Sonny Solaverde! That's cool. I'd offer myself as a heroine, but I get spacesick. LOL.

I think Kat hit the nail on the head though - Sonny needs someone who isn't going to fall for his charms right away.

Lynda K. Scott said...

Xandra, this sounds like a fantastic hero. I have to agree with Kat, too, on the heroine. Sounds like a great conflict :D

Caffey said...

I find her one to be shy, soft spoken, almost like lost but wanting to learn...I don't find her fearful, more like one that really pulls so much in but never leaves a question un answered.
Cathie (reader, i'm not good at this, but just reading what you said, thats all I could feel when I read it.)