Monday, March 05, 2007

Wowza is the same in any language

Okay, I was supposed to come up with a post on alien languages today and I admit it, I dropped the ball.

I went food shopping, ranted to a friend of mine on the phone for a an hour [don't get me started!], ate lunch, did some writing which resulted in a bunch of pages that will probably be X'd out and thrown away [it's crap I tell ye', just crap!], then I took my son to the eye doctor, came home, threw dinner together, cleaned up, and waded through 444 messages in my inbox - somebody had an author chat day on one of my yahoo lists and bless her heart, she was busy.

Now I'm beat and my brain is fried, so rather than try to think in another langauge or about another language, I figured I'd just leave you with this:

Things that make you say: Ay carumba!!

[Coming soon from Amber Quill/Amber Heat - Bernadette breaks into print]

How do you say Holy Toledo in Klingon?


Jennifer Elbaum said...

I somehow doubt that the Klingons even have a word to describe that cover!

MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott said...

Nice buns!!! That's a must buy.'s a must everything.


Lynda K. Scott said...

Oh, very nice cover :D

Anonymous said...

In tlhIngan Hol (Klingon Language), onbe would say, " ghay'cha' ". A less strong version of ghuy'cha', which A Klingon might say it after receiving an unsettling communique. It's a LOT stronger than the Terran `Darn it!'.

It could be va !; va, tujqu' Phew! What a scorcher! As you hint towards in the post of March 6, you can't really do straight translations in foreign (alien) languages, as the whole language reflects the reality (?!) of the alien species.

One has to get more to the 'feel' of what thought or feeling your trying to impart.

Great job, btw.

If you ever do have any questions on Klingon society or langauge, just drop by ~

tell 'em mor'taH sentchya!