Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Space?

My curiosity was piqued (as I hope others were) a week or so ago by the article “Doohan’s Ashes to be Blasted into Space”. I clicked on the link to discover that Star Trek’s Scotty was being rocketed into space…or atleast a tiny seven gram portion of him for $5,300. In my mind I pictured a rocket exploding grandly, scattering Doohan's ashes and those of his fellow passengers into space to drift aimlessly. Instead, I learned that the payload of “Legacy Flight” will be launched and fall back to Earth, at which time the families will be awarded the remains and a commemorative plaque. In my opinion, the other portion of Doohan’s ashes included in “The Explorers Launch” (also being carried by a Celestis courier later this year) will meet a far more fitting end, since the ashes will burn up upon reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere. Still not quite out there, but atleast they’re not Earth-bound like the first sampling.

Since I’m a little on the spacey side at the moment (perhaps because of my elephant-incapacitating headache), my mind is wondering, what would happen if people’s ashes did filter into deep space? What if other beings captured the small particles and were able to use them to recreate the organism the bio-material came from? What if a person who was dead to us was reborn and rose up like a Phoenix from his ashes in another place?

I think most of us (sci-fi lovers) would welcome the return of Gene Roddenberry whose ashes blasted into space in 1997. Because the conveyance is now a reality (to those with wallets big enough), I wonder what others have taken their final voyage into deep space, and who will be joining Mr. Doohan on his last trek?

As for me, I’ve always envisioned my final resting place being atop a pyre, set afire as my gown billows in the wind. But I would also be happy to take my last voyage like Tristan in TRISTAN & ISOLDE. Imagine being set adrift in a small boat, which only the greatest archers could set ablaze with flaming arrows that arched through the sky like fiery birds. What a grand exit to life and entrance into the hereafter.


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Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Great post,Skylar. Interesting to think that perhaps those spaceborne ashes might provide an alien race with some material for scientific study in the future.