Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday 13th

Angela had difficulty posting this blog so I thought I would do it for her. Let's hope it works.

So it's Friday the 13th Down Under. I had no idea until I was grousing at a shop lady about the bad day I'd had...and she informed me it was Friday the 13th, and did that have something to do with it?

I mean, I'm not superstitious. I walk on cracks, stop to pat black cats, and will walk under a ladder to prove a point. So I just looked at her. I looked even more when she started going on about a show she saw, and saying we should be grateful for what we had instead of complaining.

Hello! SHE asked ME how my day was going, and I told her (right down the toilet, my day was going, as a matter of fact). I mean, if she really didn't want to know, then don't ask! And when I'm having a bad day, I don't want someone telling me how we should all be grateful - I WANT SYMPATHY! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?


So...I'm wondering, what constitutes a bad day in the future? The toilet still blocks up? Will the space ship fall from the sky? Alien invasion? Our air rockets run out of air? (or we do). Our ultra swish wedgie air boots fall apart? Our robot servants spring a spring? I mean, will it even be Friday the 13th in the future? Maybe they'll do away with the calendar time altogether... Our fast slim-in-five-seconds pill goes out of date and now it takes half an hour instead to lose that 15 kgs? (man, that would be great right here in the present!) I mean, if the future is as perfect as some people say, will we ever have a bad day again?

Or would I still find something to whine about? Knowing me, I'm sure I would!


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Lynda K. Scott said...

A bad day in the future? Mmm, how about the air filtration system fails? Yucky odors fill your spaceship. Or you could go more environmental...the ozone layer has diminished and you can't go outside without frying. How about more 'primal'? Packs of coyotes rampaging the streets of the inner city. Crows doing battle with pets...or people.

Gee, I must be in a bad mood :D