Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Anniversary Party--The Guest List/Seating Arrangements

I got roped into cataloging the guest list and determining the seating arrangements for said attendees. Allow me to preface by saying that the largest party I’ve ever planned was my 30th birthday (yeah, I reached that milestone!) party for 20 people. I’m generally the person who says okay, we have x number of seats and x number of guests, so all is peachy. Then I let the attendees sit where they want. Of course, there is always that person who skips one seat to be distant and then another guest has to break up a couple and sit by their lonesome, which means strangled small talk.

*gulp* That’s the kiss of death!

For this gig, we’re talking sit down, chat amongst yourselves for hours kind of seating. The kind that bride’s go through so family members don’t kill each other. I’ve seen the charts, heard the horror stories, and luckily haven’t made it to my version of that party yet. Though I’m feeling the pressure here. You can’t put known enemies together, yet you look like you’re trying too hard if you don’t. Though I guess a neutral buffer would work…like Switzerland. Of course, nothing will stop a well-aimed zinger from hitting its target. Let’s just hope all the boys and girls...play nice.

*I giggle at how two could play that game*

You can’t do all guys on one side, all girls on the other, because every planner knows you must blend. But what if a species doesn’t fall into the XX or XY pigeon hole? Do I dribble them in, and hope they can talk equally well about sports and the latest innovation for hair dying? Fat chance things would go that smooth, but I can hope right?

Then there are the couples—Eric & Keriam, Devyn & Liane, Tara & Trace, Zara & Awyn, Kendron & Gwynan, Chance & Bree. Do you break them up, keep them together or force them to mingle? What if they’ve had a tiff? What if no one can get anything in edge wise? (Lord, don’t let anyone pull their swords or phazers!)

And what can you do about hair? I mean a guest can’t help it if she causes an allergic reaction because she might accidentally shift into a cat. I guess I could make her the lone girl out…along with the “trader” since there seems to be a lot of dignitaries and military types coming. (Dare I say pot stirrer in the midst?)

See what I mean about it being so simple?
*I wipe my brow with a cocktail napkin*

And then there’s the little tidbit about everyone bringing a food. What if the hall doesn’t come retrofitted with a microwave or fridge? Can we stoke some heat from the middle of Earth in the Subterranean Hall? The food coordinator will need ice for the drinks, so I guess we could chill anything that needs to be frostbitten with that. And use some of those crystals to pelt any ruckus-causing roustabouts.

*I pull out a notebook and draw a big circle* Who can get mad sitting at a roundtable? (Critique of clothes, food, best assets optional, since that isn’t my little piece of the puzzle.)

Let’s see. Maxwell Hart, who works alone as a vampire investigator would do well beside Kendron Valdemar, who has lived by the same code. Gwynan Kadin’s keeping Tara Rowen busy. And Liane MacGregor and Chance MacKenzie would have tons of “work” related topics to talk about. I’ll just have to make sure Tara doesn’t overhear their conversation, since Independent Trader may lean toward pirate. The opposite side of the table….that would work wonders! Now to fill in everyone else in their own rectangle.

What am I not worried about? The placecards, because I’ve printed dozens for wedding receptions. See, there is always a bright spot in any worrisome storm, which gives me a fabulous idea for favors.


Lynda K. Scott said...

Those place cards are fabulous! And, boy howdy, I thought I had it bad trying to find the perfect hall! You've got a much harder job with the seating arrangements. Good luck!

Skylar Masey said...

Especially since a new addition to the guest list is also a professional thief!

MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott said...

Humm....I'm going to have to hand you my guest list, because I didn't see any of my characters mentioned, but I did recognize Lindas and yours. I'll tell my peeps to be on their best behavior, though I can't promise anything. Also...are you inviting any of the villians to the party, just to keep it interesting?


Skylar Masey said...

Please do! To keep the chaos in order, please tell me your guest(s) name, occupation, mode of dress, what dish they will bring, and if they are being accompanies by a guest. :0)

And as of yet, we have no villians that I know of. Hmm...in my case that's because both of mine are dead. Short of having a seance, I don't think they'll be able to make the party.

Thanks for the motherly advice for your attendees to behave. It's always nice for people to keep their hands to themselves...atleast until someone gives them permission to do otherwise.

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

This is great, Skylar! You got a tough job. I nearely lost my mind trying to work out seating arrangements for my wedding and vowed never to do it again. [Get married or arrange seating, that is]

Jacquie said...

Wow, what a party!

Xandra Gregory said...

My guests aren't villains, per se, but they are members of the Nobility, which means you can pretty much count on them to be badly behaved, obnoxious, and shallow. They'll drink all your booze and leave the place a mess, but if they didn't show up, your party would be a failure, and if you didn't invite them, they'd make a point of showing up uninvited anyway. Wrangling these two will take some work. :)