Anniversary Party -- The Hall

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Anniversary Party -- The Hall

Star-Crossed Romance has been together for a year now. How wonderful is that? :D
To that end, we’re celebrating our first year anniversary with a party! My assignment was to find a hall for all our guests.

This sounds simple but when you consider the various life forms, eating requirements, and climate requirements – well, let’s just say it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

The first place I looked at was a hall on the edge of a strato-city. Yep, way up there in the clouds. Fantastic view, no doubt of that but I kept seeing a slightly tipsy guest taking a wrong turn and well, that first step could be a killer. We could ask for a special force field to be erected on the palisades and balconies near the hall to ensure the safety of our guests but that’s going to cost extra.

The next place I checked was a gorgeous hall in the middle of an ocean. Literally. About two miles deep. Again, the view beyond the force field was fantastic! Schools of fish playing on the oceanic floor, most of them glow since it’s quite dark down there. There were even thermal pools nearby for the adventurous to visit...if they had the proper gear. The only real problem I found was the aforementioned lack of sunlight. Some of our guests, (those whose DNA produces chlorophyll rather than pigment might be a little put off).

My next stop was a subterranean hall. Quite lovely really. And the temperature was a constant (though just a bit cool) 68 degrees Fahrenheit. But we still have the ‘sunlight’ problem though I’ve been told that special lamps can help alleviate that for both the aquatic hall and this place. The extra cost for these lamps isn’t quite as much as the costs for the force fields on the strato-city hall.

So I’m at a quandary. Any one of these halls would be fantastic for our party. I need help to decide which one to use so please comment this article and vote for your favorite.


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4 Responses to "Anniversary Party -- The Hall"

MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott said...

I like the subterranean hall. It looks like there is an oculus above that could allow sunlight in. Pools could be brought in for those guests who require saltwater. And we won't have to worry about the liability of someone taking a header off the balcony of the stratsohall.


Skylar Masey said...

Call me crazy, and I hope I'm not the only one, who has a fear of being underneath all that water in the hall under the sea. I mean what if one of those fishes gets zapped and mutates and wants to eat us all?

Love the strato-hall, but as you say we could lose all our royalties dishing out $$ for a missing/dead/orbiting guest. :0D

So I'd go for the totally Lord of the Rings Suterranean Hall. Hmm...I wonder if Aragorn will be stopping by? Hmm...would we need security for any drunk dwarves that may crash the party?

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

OMG, Lynda! This is great. I vote for the subterranean hall. I live caves and caverns and the vampire guests will be right at home someplace dark and cozy.

Lynda K. Scott said...

Cool! Looks like the subterranean hall is our fave :D I'll go make the deposit and we'll be good to go :D