Friday, May 25, 2007

The Big Day

Wow! This week has certainly rushed by as we've gotten ready for our first anniversary party. Planning these things is always fun and always a lot of hard work.

I still have some last minute preparations. Got to get my hair done. Maybe a manicure (I'm a terrible nail biter so I'm not sure what they can do short of a miracle.) I've got my dress.

But, most importantly, I've got my list of things to check (you didn't think I'd just find the hall and be done, did you? LOL) before the party.

Oh, Keriam showed me her dress. Take a look. Pretty stunning, huh? I suspect Eric helped pick it out :D

Liane hasn't fessed up about what she's wearing yet but I'm sure she'll wear something that will please Devyn. Oh wait, she just sent these pics to me. Here's her outfit. I think she's really taken to the Scottish culture and heritage of her new husband, Devyn. With a man like him, who can blame her?

Isn't that what we all do? Dress for our men? :D


Rhonda Stapleton said...

Ohhhhhh those dresses are FAB!! I loooooooooove getting all dolled up like that... :D

Rhonda Stapleton said...


Skylar Masey said...

Keriam's dress is gorgeous Lynda! And I'm sure that magenta will look magnificent on you!

And here-here about the checklist. I have mine snug in the silver metallic notepad I picked up at B&N. Stylish and functional at the same time, what more can you ask for?

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Fabulous frocks! I can never decide what to wear to a fancy occaision, usually my bed is littered with outfits that didn't make the cut before I finally pick out something I like.

Lynda K. Scott said...

Hi Rhonda! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you can make the party!

Skylar, I *love* anything in the purple family so this dress was the top of my list :D

I know what you mean, Bernadette. A lot of times, my dress choice depends on the jewelry I want to wear. I'm the only person I know who picks their clothes to go with her accessories instead of the other way around :D

Skylar Masey said...


I admit it, I'm a jewelry who**. I can't help but snap up things that sparkle even if I don't have anything to wear it with! So of course, then I have to buy new outfits, which is so totally in reverse of everyone else.