Drinks Anyone?

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Drinks Anyone?

From one end of the galaxy to another, there is one thing that all species like to do when they get together to celebrate: drink.

So whether it's Klava wine on Trehet Station, or Glenlivit in the St. Blaise drawing room, people gotta keep the good times rolling.

It is with this 'spirit' (oh stop the groaning, I can hear it from here) I get to put together the drinks and appetizers for our big anniversary bash.

This is not an easy undertaking, since I understand that what may be ambrosia to one lifeform may act like poison on another. What is a glorified wine steward to do, I ask you? Even water becomes a difficult proposition since the amphibious guests may need only salt water to survive, where most others would require fresh water...or sparkling. To this end, I've decided to stock what is the most popular brands on various worlds, and put enough mixers with them to create our own Star-Crossed Cocktail.

Of course this will have different versions depending on what planet you're from.

The Earth version will consist of the following. (Use your own descretion on the amounts of alcohol you use. And may God have mercy on your soul the next morning.)

Malibu Bay Coconut Rum
Pinapple Juice
Peach Schnapps
Splash of cranberry for color

Now, on to the appetizers.

Finger foods are definately the best choice. Though I use this term in the broad sense of the word since I'm not about to assume that all our guests will have fingers, or even aposable thumbs. Anything that can pick picked up by a tenticle, snout or talon will be considered viable.

We'll have a variety of ingredients so be sure to ask you waiter or waitress what's inside the popper, before you pop it. I'd hate like hell for you to think you're eating goat cheese and bacon only to bite into seaweed and squid. ughhhh... Just be sure to pick up plenty of napkins. And don't dance on the tables.

Party on!


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2 Responses to "Drinks Anyone?"

Skylar Masey said...

Awww...we can't pull a Coyote Ugly? But I guess you do have a point. Stilettos can't be easy on the rental tablecloths/tables.

*Skylar rethinks that security idea* Maybe I'll stick to the sweets for a non-alcoholic high:0)

Fabulous planning Kat! And thanks for the 'pop' warning. I would most likely have been the first to chug first and then have to choke the surprise down (since spitting up in front of guests is a no-no).

Lynda K. Scott said...

Hey, that Star-Crossed cocktail sounds terrific! Maybe we should greet each guest at the door with one? Well, maybe just the guests of the human persuasion :D