Friday, May 25, 2007

Guests are arriving!

The guests are arriving and, man, you ought to see the bling! Not that it's ostentatious or anything. These people wear it like us regular folk wear costume jewelry from Tar-gay :D

This pic is a little dark but, yes, there are people there, lol. And, no, the tablecloths aren't as red as they look. Ahem, they're gold. I think I need to go talk to the terraformers about the lighting. Sigh.

Oh and here's Eric. I keep telling him to smile but he's never relaxed unless Keriam is close by. Just have a seat, sweetie. Keriam is powdering her nose. She'll be along in a minute.

I swear, the man's like a lost puppy without his wife, LOL.

Here's a guy who can hold his own. Devyn MacGregor. Darn. He isn't wearing his kilt. Probably afraid some wild woman would flip it up to see what's worn beneath it. I can just hear him say "There's nothing worn, lass. Everything's in perfect working order!" Maybe we can get him to sing. He's got a gorgeous voice. Of course, as a Bard, he'd be expected to have a gorgeous voice, wouldn't he?

And Trace Munroe. Sigh. What an incredible man! I see he's brought Tara with him. Will you look at that? She's wearing a dress! A red dress! And I think she's been sipping on the Star-Crossed Cocktail because the gal I know is a lot more shy than this. Maybe Trace is a good influence on her?

Yikes! There are more guests arriving. I better go greet them.


Skylar Masey said...


I love a man in a kilt! As for Tara, everyone deserves to shuck their shyness once in a blue moon. I know dress up helps me shed my shyness!

Lynda K. Scott said...

I read an article once that said, "A man can hawk himself about in tight jeans or Italian suits and that's fine but should he 'hap his hurdies with the passion pleats', women just melt.

Passion pleats. There's a good descriptive term and pretty much says it all :D

Linda said...

Such a cool party, Lynda! And Tara looks fantastic!


Lynda K. Scott said...

Hi Linda! Glad to see you made it :D

I think Trace picked out the dress but Tara sure carried it off well :D

Too bad we couldn't see Zie, LOL