Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Character values

all righty great topic! LOL

Values - I guess, looking back on my characters - that they have several main values, but one that stands out to me the most is Loyalty. They are loyal to those who are important to them, but they're also loyal to themselves, and sometimes that can cause a conflict of interest.

Loyalty to me is so important. Over the years I've seen what loyalty can do, and what disloyalty can do. It can make and break friendships, but it can also make or break a person themselves.

Loyalty - dependable, loyal, faithful, consistent. So many meanings. Loyalty is what often pulls characters through - the trust in others, the trust in themselves, knowing that someone, somewhere, is fighting for them.

So loyalty is something I value highly, and this comes through in my characters...I hope

Conflict occurs when the loyalty versus situation becomes a grey area and no longer black or white. Do my characters stay loyal to someone they know is wrong in what they're doing, who is dangerous, who puts others at risk? How big is the risk? How much will it affect others, and will the affect be good or bad? And even better, will the person's own loyalty cause dangers to those they love. And when loyalty to different people causes a clashing of friendships, where does the character go, how does he or she choose which one to remain loyal to, and which friend not?

This is often a question in some of my books, and the story-line can take quite an interesting turn. But at the base of most relationships is a major emotion and value...loyalty.


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Skylar Masey said...


I agree that loyalty is crucial in any relationship, romantic or otherwise. If you can't trust in someone, and they can't trust in you, no real log-lasting bond remains between the two entities.