Saturday, August 25, 2007

Getting Side-Tracked

All right, I started to check out the art work of Michale Whelan, and what happened? I got side tracked! I started looking at one picture, then another, then another...then another... This is what happens to me all the time. (By the way, awesome art work!)

Research always ends up with me getting side tracked. I look up one thing, search for another, get really involved in the whole thing, do a Google search...and before I know it, several hours have passed and I have done nothing. I could say I started research and that would be true, but what I ended up doing wasn't research. I got side tracked!

I admit to it. But there are just so many interesting things to see on the Internet, to read in books, to do! And one thing leads to another and then to another and then...don't even ask me why I ended up typing family names in Google and peeking, because I don't know how that happened when I started searching for other things.

Just another side track effort by yours truly.

Imagine if I lived in a sci-fi world, with all those cultures, people, aliens, beings, space ships, creatures, customs, laws - you'd find me at the bottom of a heap of books researching on Google and STILL getting side tracked!!!


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