Friday, September 14, 2007

Sexy heroes

Sexy heroes are what sells our books. It’s been proven over the past...well, however long we’ve had romance type stories. They’re tall, well-built, good looking (if not downright handsome). They have a keen sense of honor, probably a good bit of cunning, a healthy sense of humor and intense loyalty. Of course, there are other traits. But the one that will almost immediately draw a reader to pick up the book is a handsome, sexy hero on the cover.

I’m not sure how others do it but I usually have a good idea of what the hero in my book will look like. Finding a picture (or fair resemblance of him) is a bit more difficult because he is a true figment of my imagination (or someone I’ve plucked from an alternate world – truly, sometimes they seem that real to me). But lately I’ve come to see a picture or photo of a guy and said – Lynda, he’d make a great (fill in the blank) and would be fantastic as the hero of (story idea).

Here’s a pic of Gerard Butler from Beowulf and Grendel. Now isn’t he perfect as a medieval type? Rugged, yes. A little unkempt. Needing a woman’s loving touch. Makes me want to go out and find him. NOW. LOL

But Gerard isn’t bad all dressed up in contemporary clothes either. He’d make a great ‘alien’ come to Earth for...well, whatever reasons that lend themselves to a good SFR story.

Then there’s someone like Anthony Catanzaro who is a male model and fitness consultant. Hottie is too mild a word, don’t you think? He’d be perfect as a fellow maybe kidnapped by alien women and put to good use.

Or the late Rob Ashton. I’m sure a lot of readers found him exceedingly drool worthy (and I’ve heard he was a very nice person – something you don’t always find in combination with Very Good Looks.

We'll miss you Rob.

It’s a whole lot easier to develop a character if you already know what he looks like. And it isn’t always bulging biceps and 6 pack abs. Sometimes it’s the expression in the eyes that speaks to you. Or the way he holds his head. Sometimes it's just pure synergy.

Whatever it is, today’s woman doesn’t have to ignore a man’s good looks any more than men have ever ignored a woman’s good looks. So drool away, girls. Just do it in a lady-like way :D


Cassandra Kane said...

Who IS that guy in the last picture? H.O.T.

Lynda K. Scott said...

I think his name is Kent. I saw his pic on myspace and I just keep thinking...where can I use him? (Get your minds out of the gutters, ladies, lol, I meant in a book).

Anonymous said...

Anthony Catanzaro is smoking hot. What a bod!