Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What's That I Smell? The Salt-Air o'th' Sea?


What is it about pirates? Why do we love them so? The rebels, outside the law, but with codes of their own. I'll tell you why I love 'em. Because if it weren't for Johnny Depp, my daughter would never have eaten corn flakes. Or as she calls 'em, "Pirate Flakes." So yeah...Pirates 1; Mom 0.

Perhaps it's the excitement of playing nautical cat-and-mouse games in Caribbean seas, or thumbing your nose at authority in the pursuit of booty and gain (and calling yourself a "privateer" if your government quietly sanctioned it). The excitement and romance of lawlessness on the open waves, and one of the few careers with equal opportunity employment options.

Or maybe it's the hundred and some-odd verses of the Good Ship Venus that bring a serious appreciation to the freedom of the open seas. ;)

Regardless, the long scurvy tradition carries on today. Hoist yer petards and have fun with it!

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Cassandra Kane said...

Totally missed this one, and I could (legitimately!) have had some fun at work! LOL