Tuesday, October 09, 2007

new books, new worlds

Today a bag of new books arrived. I tell you, I'm like a little kid at Christmas! I get soooo excited! Man, I just can't wait to rip that post bag open and cut through the bubble wrap and see what I bought.

Yes, sad fact is that I often forget. I know when I order them, I'm not that bad yet ROTFL, but I do tend to forget....luckily, my book lady is aware of it and doesn't mind when I email her with the query..."Did I order such-and-such in my last order?"

But new books are just an adventure waiting to be opened and lived. New characters, new settings, new side characters, a new take on a theme...new cover . Today I'll be laughing, tomorrow crying, the next day I'll shiver in fear and the day after I'll sigh romantically. I'll marvel at the world of urban fantasy and sigh over a Navy SEAL. I'll think my own thoughts over the hunky neighbour next door, and lust after the space squadron captain. I'll guffaw at the wise-cracking heroine and admire the one who never gives up. And I'll be thinking - don't go down there alone! when I'm reading a new horor book.

So much to see, so much to do, so much to feel, and all by opening up a new book and entering yet another new world! It's magic!

It is so exciting!

My problem is trying to choose which to start first. I now have about 30 books in my To Be Read pile...and I can't seem to stop buying more. A book catches my eye and...hopeless.

Angela *hopeless and loving it!*


Rayne Forrest said...

That's a good kind of hopeless, Angela :) Read on.. write on!

Rayne Forrest

Skylar Masey said...

I'm a book junkie too! I was straightening up my bedroom this morning, and found out I have books hidden everywhere!! I can't even tell you how many I have in my TBR pile.

And I just got 2 more yesterday!

Oh so many books and so little time!

Lynda K. Scott said...

I suspect every writer is, at heart, a book junkie :D Over the past year, I've been going through all the books in my collection...and realized that I just can't keep them all (to be honest, I'm surprised the floors in my house haven't collapsed from the weight of them!) It breaks my heart but I'm now trying to decide which ones stay and which ones will be going to the library for their Used Book sale. Sigh.

It makes me feel guilty since I've lived and loved right alongside these book people and sending them away seems like a form of abandonment.

How weird is that?