Monday, November 12, 2007

Guest Blogger - Rayne Forrest

Our guest today is the fabulous Rayne Forrest. Rayne isn't into self promotion :D and I had to ask her for a copy of the cover for her latest book which is lovely, isn't it? So after you read her entertaining blog, make sure to check out her various other blogs. This gal really gets around, LOL


When Angela Verdenius zipped off an email to me asking me to be a guest blogger at Star-Crossed Romance, it was an automatic 'yes'. Angela is one of the sweetest people I know. She befriended me waaaaaaaay back in my early days of writing. She's a lady with a big heart and knows a lost stray when she sees one. Then I realized Lynda K. Scott was also part of Star Crossed Romance and I was doubly glad I said yes. She's been very kind when our paths have crossed on the lists.

My lost stray days have passed, mostly, and I seem to know what I'm doing. At least I like to at least think I know what I'm doing. So the question today becomes, "What do I blog about?" There are some well-written entries here on Star-Crossed Romance on a variety of timely topics that invoke thought. But, for better or worse, I’m feeling frivolous these days as I enjoy the turning of the season. I think I’ll tell you my blogging story.

I resisted the idea of blogging for over a year. My life is pretty hectic what with a full time job, a blossoming writing career, family, friends, hobbies and sleep. Yes, I do insist on sleep. When I finally composed that first blog entry and posted it, I never expected anyone to see it. They did. So I did another one. People read that, too. It's such a rush to discover people actually read blogs, and bigger kick to realize they've read your books.

Now, I don't really want my guest blogging at Star-Crossed Romance to turn into one big promo for my books. Let's not go there, okay? Let's just say - I have a few books out and leave it at that. I started writing for fun and it took off with me. Same thing happened with blogging. It's taken on a life of its own. As long as it's fun, I'll keep doing it.

Back to my blogging story. I started the regular writer's blog called “Through a Glass Brightly." You know the one where I blather on and on about my books. Great promotional tool. Google loves me, but I needed more. I needed a place to be my irreverent, tongue-in-cheek self. Irony doesn't always translate to the screen, you know. And I really do like having fun, sharing a laugh (or a snicker) and just hanging out.

So I started a second blog called, "Rayne's Ramblings" for an irreverent, tongue-in-cheek look at the world ( And as if that wasn't enough, I started yet another blog over on Yahoo 360, "Fire and Rayne" for my favorite obsession, Gerry Butler. My newsletter, “Forrest Whispers,” went to a blog format so I could do color and pictures and neat stuff. Then I joined with a few nice ladies and we became the Amorous Authors and we have a blog. Do you begin to see a big snowball rolling down a hill gathering momentum and sucking up everything in its path?

And so, here I am today, guest blogging. I'm either obsessed or possessed. You'll have to decide. The great thing is, I'm enjoying myself more than I ever dreamed I could as part of the blogging community.

Cyndi Lauper was right. Sometimes, girls just want to have fun.

Rayne Forrest


Thanks, Rayne, for being with us!


Skylar Masey said...

I so totally agree about Gerard Butler! I was watching a movie last night and perked up when I heard his sexy brogue doing a voice over for his new movie P.S. I Love You, due out in December.

Congrats on your success with writing and the blogs! And thanks so much for guest blogging with us!

Angela Verdenius said...

I admire all you girls and blokes who blog so much. I'm a shocker for blogging...yet it's so much fun when I do!

Great to see you here, Rayne!!! And you're a lovely lady as well've listened to me heaps of times!