Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas and Pets

As some of you may have noticed, some of my characters have cats . I even have a feline-type species in some of my books.

I love cats. I love all animals but cats are a favourite of mine .

I just want to add a word of caution if you are thinking of giving someone a pet this Christmas. Think if they really want one, can they look after it, and will they be responsible?

So many times Down Under we see kittens and puppies being thrown out with the Christmas wrap, once the novelty has worn off. Abandoned kittens and cats, pregnant strays - it's heartbreaking.

So please think carefully this Christmas. A pet is for life not just for Christmas.

So saying...felines. I'm trying to decide if my next Heart & Soul book will be about a Daamen trader, Fredrico (the space-pirate and Overlord's right hand man), an Argon, a Reeka warrior woman, or one of my Felys people.

Ah me, so many choices, so many ideas - so little time! LOL So many new worlds and so many new story lines. It's an adventure all its own, just deciding what to write next! So far, I have had readers tell me they want another Argon, a Felys and Fredrico.

I'll have to ponder them all and see who speaks the most strongly

Angela *debating New Frontiers*

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