Friday, January 18, 2008


In almost every book there is inevitably a grand scene that reveals some kind of pomp and circumstance…be it a graduation, a coronation or a ball. In other words an excuse to dress to the nines and hobnob occasionally above one’s station.

I myself don’t rub elbows with the elite much, but have the past couple of years gotten to see how the other half live. I will admit to knowing a few well off people, though I wouldn’t call them friends. They’re my co-workers, that weird breed that falls into the gray zone as far as business mates and chums.

For the past couple years I’ve gotten to transform a la Cinderella style with beautiful dresses and updos for my company’s annual holiday party at the local Country Club. Need I remind you who they usually let into these places?

As I write this I’m about to get dolled up, with the whole nine yards of a fresh bath, scented lotion, makeup (which I almost never wear with the exception of Halloween), stockings, nice lingerie and my evening dress.

For now I’m kicking it in my "Ladies Night" Justice League pjs, since I’ve got a bit of time to kill.

Isn’t it amazing the transformation heroes and heroines can go through themselves for these big events? I think it’s a fabulous chance to show their characters, not only with what they wear but how they act. I know a few people who are stuffed shirts, and others who choose this occasion to really let their hair down (and are sorry for it come Monday morning). These scenes can show a woman’s innate beauty come to the forefront, that a down and out urchin can clean up well, and that men on occasion do truthfully now how to act in civilized society.

Honestly I feel like Firefly’s mechanic Kaylee dressed up to the go to the ball in that flouncy ball gown with the hoops. Though my borrowed purple sheath with a hint of lace doesn’t conjure thoughts of Scarlett. I will feel out of place (since I rarely wear dresses), but I’ll try real hard not to make a fool of myself. The best part is that I’ll also have a dashing man on my arm and just might take home a little loot.


Lynda K. Scott said...

Oh man, Skylar, I know what you mean about rarely wearing dresses (or getting dress to the '9's' :D I love to do it but...remember that the purpose of the party is to enjoy yourself :D

Good point about getting our h/h's dressed out of their comfort zone. It's a great way to show character.

Skylar Masey said...

That is precisely why I left my evil pantyhose at home. After fighting with the enough to break a sweat, I said "Forget this!"

It was a fun night, including a slab of chocolate cake (remember those WW points?) and a slow dance with my bf. Who I felt so sorry for at the end of the night. He'd been up since 5 am! But managed to hang in there...and still get a little flirting with me in. Let's just say he had other ideas (much like any red-blooded hero) than dancing when we stepped out to "Let's Make Love" by Faith & Tim. :0)

Ah to write something for the Fool for Love contest while I'm stuck inside from the snow.