Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Love and Other Indoor Sports

Don't take the title seriously folks, this is really a two-prong posting.

First off, this is our week for letting readers know about our heroes favorite sports. This is actually a tentative question I ask my heroes when I interview them for my books. The title of the question is actually "hobbies" but I include their favorite sports under that heading. I don't actually have much in the way of sports in my futuristics and sci-fi's, though I have come up with a kind of bocci/bumper pool hybrid for one of them. In my contemporaries, I put in pool, bowling, strong man competitions, Austrailian Football (a new passion of mine!), rugby (watched a great match last night between Glouster and Ulster), hockey and anything else I can manage. However, I have yet to make any of my heroes sports nuts. I just spend so much time weaving the romance and twists in there I kind of forget about the sports angle. Though most of my heroes- and heroines for that matter- are crazy about muscle cars. As am I. It's kind of a fun, reoccuring theme for me.

I think the reason I tend to not concentrate too much on the sports aspect is because my own husband isn't into sports. In general, I know more about them and the players than he does - with the exception of rugby and the AFL (Austrailian Football). I don't think a hero has to be into sports to be hunky and sexy and hot (oh my!). Maybe it's because I like cerebral men. Yes...I'm the one who lusted after Spock instead of Kirk, but hey...what do you want. To me it was logical.

With that said, I do realize the basis for the entire sports aspect being important. The whole gridiron as gladitorial games sceneario and all. The call of the warrior within to test his strength and cunning against other men. I get that...I just don't know if I have time to show it in my books with all the other stuff I have going on. Maybe that's why I choose more obscure sports (at least for Americans) for my characters. Or at least the ones most people don't flock too. That way I'm not forced to do too much research by way of talking baseball, basketball or football.

Now for the Love part....

Today marks the release of my novel The Host:Shadows by MK Mancos. Here's a little trailer to whet your appetite.



Lynda K. Scott said...

Love the trailer, Kat! And wishing you many, many sales :D

MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott said...

Thanks so much!! It's the first one I've made all by myself so I was pretty much playing with the program. Though Movie Maker 2 is pretty darn easy to use, and any mistakes you make are very easy to correct. (My other book trailers were made by other people).