Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Missing the Con

Every time the subject of Cons come up, I get the feeling I’m going to be trotting out my I-first-started-writing-when-I-went-to-the-RT-Convention-in-2005 story for the rest of my life. Yes, I did go to my first con as a reader, where I discovered the existence of epublishers and soon after started writing again for the first time in about 10 years. But the reason I’m scared that this is going to be my only Con story is because I live so far away from it all (on the other side of the pond) and the possibility of making another RT seems remote on my budget.

So it was with a cry and a banging of head to desk that I realised I had missed out on on the nearest convention to me EVAH. Not a romance con this time, but a good ol’ British science fiction con: Orbital 2008. This took place a mere half an hour’s drive from my place. Just half an hour and I could have seen my favourite author, Tanith Lee, and a host of other fantabulous SF authors. No spending over a thousand pounds sterling in travel in accommodation. Just half an hour’s drive.

Half an hour. And I missed it.

Let me get all fan-girlish for a moment. Tanith Lee was the first writer who made me realise romance and science fiction/fantasy could go together. Before that, I thought sci-fi was all about boy-geeks arguing about rocket science and artifical intelligence (ie Asimov and Clarke). Then there was Ursula K Le Guin, my other favourite author, who was all about the sociological and political aspects of science fiction, and I dug that. But Tanith was the only one who (I believed) really got the romance. My favourite all-time book of hers was Drinking Sapphire Wine, followed by The Silver Metal Lover, and then The Storm Lord. I loved those stories with the deep, abiding passion only possible from a romantic, idealistic teenager with an over-active imagination and melancholic disposition awaiting adventure and the appearance of the love of her life. That teenager is long gone but I remember her with fondness.

But I digress. The thing is, there was a science fiction con held a couple of years back in Dublin and I was considering going over because Tanith Lee was the Guest of Honour. I couldn’t make it then, but I swore that NEXT TIME I heard Ms Lee was appearing at a con I’d be there with bells on.

All I can say is - *sob* half an hour away...

Any one else miss their favourite author at a con?

- Cassandra

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Savanna Kougar said...

Big sympathies! I feel like lonely Cinderella this year. Because I can't make RT -- and I could have gone as ATIV finalists. Sigh! I might even have caught a glimpse of Adrian Paul.
So it goes...but I don't have to like it!

Skylar Masey said...


I wanted to see Adrian Paul and Fabio at the model reunion too! I've been wanting to go to RT since I was a teenager. And I've still never gotten to meet Johanna Lindsey, my all time favorite, who doesn't do cons anymore.