Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Good God it's been a long time since I've been in the blog driver's seat. Ever since my return from Pittsburgh and RT I've been running in 12 directions at varying speeds. I look at the calender for my blog dates, only to realize I've missed my slot by one or two days. Ergg.

I've been a very busy girl as you'll see.

So let me bring you all up to speed on what's happening on the planet of Katopolois.

Over the last few months I've sold three different manuscripts. (All novellas and all paranormals.) Two of them rather mild in heat levels and the other erotic romance. Here are some blurbs for your reading enjoyment.

A Hot Day In Heaven by Kathleen Scott TBA from Wild Rose Press/Scarlet Rose:

Bad things always seem to come in threes, or so Sonia St. Marie discovers as she is kicked out of her apartment during a blizzard, her job teaching art classes at an adult center gets cut and she catches her boyfriend in bed with her best friend. Needless to say, it’s not been the best of days. That is until Archer DeAngelo shows up in his black SUV smelling of exotic spices and evoking a head full of sensual fantasies.

For years, Archer has been the distraction in the back of Sonia’s mind, tempting her to wonder about the decadent lifestyle he lives and the women he’s pleasured. Just looking at him makes her dream of all the things she wants to do with him and now she’s free from her philandering boyfriend, Gabriel, there’s nothing to stand in her way.

Seeing Sonia’s distress at her homeless state, Archer offers her a place to stay: his condo overlooking Central Park . Having nowhere else to go in such inclement weather, Sonia takes him up on his offer for shelter and much more. The sexual tension that always simmered between them goes into overdrive under such close proximity. The fact Archer has made it his mission to help her put her life back together has its own advantages. But then again, Archer is only doing his job.

Fallen from grace for a difference of opinion, Archer leads a group of disenfranchised guardian angels, who are currently staying mere steps ahead of the heavenly host who wants nothing more but to see them regain their rightful place at God’s right hand. A place they no longer care to occupy. The call of the flesh is much too powerful a lure for one who is now mostly corporeal.

Kingmaker's Gold by MK Mancos TBA from Wild Rose Press Faery Rose:

Gold —the name alone evokes dreams of riches beyond imagination. Whether one is a mortal woman or one of the fey men who inhabit New York in 1910, the precious metal can have great impact and far-reaching consequences. For Abigail Westmorland, a single gold coin stands between her and destitution. For Venn, a contender for the leprechaun throne, it means the difference between leading the fey or being led by his cousin, the dark fey, Lachlan.

ParaMatch.com by MK Mancos TBA from Samhain Publishing part of the Tickle My Fantasy anthology:

Lucilla Wainwright is a talentless witch from one of the craft's most legendary families. In order to survive in the Paraworld, she has opened a highly successful matchmaking business to bring a little love into the lives of Sleepy Hollow Woods' paranormal element. Her rate of perfect matches is unparalleled—that is until deposed Titan king, Jager Cronus finds fault with all the women with whom he's been paired. Too bad he's been the only man in years to make Lucilla wish for a cauldron full of love potion.

Now, if I can only get motivated to finish all the other projects I've started and are currently languishing on my hard drive!



Savanna Kougar said...

Kathleen, congrats on all your success!!!
A cauldron full of love potion -- gee, I should take a dip in that one.
Love it!

Xandra Gregory said...

Kat, these all sound seriously awesome reads! And now that I've made my ipod *cough*special*cough* I can take 'em with me again! Do you have release dates yet?