Monday, August 04, 2008

Theme Week - Fan Mail

There are a few things that will make a person really feel like a writer -- contracts, royalty checks and fan mail.

A writer spends the bulk of her creative time working alone. Oh, some of us have critique groups who give input or feline companions whose mmrrpphhh-style comments run the gamut of 'well done' to 'needs more cats'. And some of us have supportive family (though mine seems to be generally unimpressed, lol). But mostly we work and write alone.

I think we all get a huge rush of endorphins once we finish a manuscript and it's accepted by a publisher. But that soon fades as we continue to write the next book while we anxiously await the release of our first baby.

Reviews come rolling in -- some great, some not so good, some so-so. The good reviews are a second form of validation and that's a great ego boost in and of itself. But occasionally we writers will get a lonely little email or maybe even a snail mail letter telling us how much that one person enjoyed our work.

Think about it. A publisher is looking to make a profit from a book (nothing wrong with that, so are we, lol). A reviewer is helping to encourage reading and promoting the writer (and we love them for it!) But a fan?

This is a regular person, a Jane or Sally Doe who maybe just needed a bit of escape or enjoyment and found it in your book. And they took the time to let you know. Wow!

That one piece of correspondence can make a frigid Michigan winter day seem that much brighter and warmer. It can make a day where nothing has gone right begin to sparkle like a polished diamond. It can make a writer whose career has maybe gone into slow mode feel recharged and give her the oomph she might need to start a new manuscript or put the finishing touches on one that just needs a bit of polish.

Fan mail is a wonderful thing. And to those who've written me about my books, thanks again! You made my day :D

-- Lynda

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1 comment:

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Lynda, you are so right. I haven't received much yet...still hoping. However, the few good comments from readers I have received are like gold.