Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Whew! For me, it's been nothing but a week filled with drama, much like a daytime soap. It's like a story no one would believe is the truth, because it sounds so farcical. But I can say this week far exceeded the level of drama found in any of my novels ;0) And yes, judges have marked me down for too much drama.

Today I decided to do something low key. I know, I know...guilt assails me since this is one of the hot days for paranormal romance. If you want a great read, check our the Star-Crossed authors novels, especially if it's been a while. They have some great new titles!! And you can also check out all our writer friends on the Star-Crossed Romance MySpace page.

So here we Halloween's coolest thing besides getting to run around in costumes--candy! You know how characters have those eccentricities that make them super unique? Hmm...a candy fetish seems delicious. In fact, I still recall the lady in a serial title that had a Hershey's Kiss tattooed on her upper thigh. The worst part was since she had amnesia, she couldn't remember how it got there or why she got the little piece of chocolate permanently etched on her skin.

Personally I was horrified when I heard Smarties and Tootsie Rolls were on list for things not to hand out or your house/car would get toilet papered or egged. They are two of my favorites, though I've done good resisting the urge to swallow a few. But there was that time in Target when I picked up a super-sized bag of Sweet Tarts and hugged it to me like a long lost friend. But alas, I put it back. (Hmm...I wonder what people coming in the store thought about that?) Since I'm still trying to drop weight, I decided against buying a plethora of candy. Since you know it lingers and lingers and lingers until Thanksgiving. Hopefully my house and car won't be a target since I'm opting for pencils, tattoos and some 3 Musketeers to hand out.

Well how about you? Do you have a sweet tooth for something special? If you do, check out the article below to see what your urge means about your personality courtesy of Contra Costa Times.

MandMs: If you go for double Ms, you tend to separate your socks by color and have abnormally clean hands.

Snickers: Sign of indecisiveness. Do you want chocolate? Do you want nuts? Your don't know. or do you?

Candy Corn: Frustrated farmer. You are a sweet soul who loves to grow sweet peas and make maple syrup.

Nestle's Crunch: You have a well-rounded personality but can be a little snappy.

Kit-Kat bars: You love to build sand castles on the beach, grow herbs and claw up the couch.

Jolly Ranchers: You have a daring side and love adventure. You're also fond of parrots and eye patches.

Butterfinger: You're kind and considerate, but we wouldn't trust you to carry the family china.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups: You have hidden talents and are a deep thinker. You like to do things in pairs.

Gummy Bears: Sweet, cuddly and loving, but people often find you sticking to the ceiling, which makes you an inappropriate guest for parties that include a pinata.

Sour Patch: You're bitter and abrasive and good at making people cry.

Hershey: You are loved by most people and live a simple, plain and unassuming life.

Junior Mints: You have a refreshing and zippy personality, but you suffer from an inferiority complex.

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