Friday, October 24, 2008

Kriss Cringe

In my hectic schedule (with a ft job, leading a weight loss group, family must-dos, necessary chores, reading for Star Light interviews) I try to check my e-mail several times a day, especially when I have a Board meeting or chapter newsletter due out. So imagine my surprise when I open my box and saw an announcement that Miriam Kris would be our guest for the November chapter meeting. I thought, when was she added to the program schedule? Then I recalled that I hadn't check the schedule in a month, in fact because of other commitments I haven't been to a meeting in Raleigh for months. Now I have to answer a big question. Can I be ready to pitch to a top agent in two weeks?

I have my reservations. I've been out of the writing loop, except for online communiques, for a little while. Which means I'm not on my A game. I'm so afraid it will show, since I'm not naturally chatty or smooth in stressful situations. Then there's the call of what to pitch. From experience I know to take in atleast 2 projects. I have one I love, but I've gotten some comments from contests and trusted friends that make me think it needs a revision before it goes out again. The other manuscripts I think are my strongest aren't paranormals, which would be a waste of Ms. Kriss' time. All the other paras I have were written for a different market, so even if I got the green light for a submission, I'm about 75% certain she won't see it as salable. Which leaves me in a quandary.

Only there's a time limit, because interested writers in the chapter have to sign up for the few spots. Which means I can't do my usual hemming and hawing. And then, when do I find the time to perfect my pitch? I hate to pass up the opportunity, but at the moment I think it may be the best option. In this instance I'm leaning toward making a contact, but not a bad impression. As we all know first impressions are crucial, so I really don't want to botch a one-on-one with such a power player!

Do you have any similar situations about pitching? How about stories about disasters or triumphs you want to share? I still recall my first pitch at NJRW PYHIAB conference. I was scared witless and ended on a high I road all the way home to my computer :0)

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1 comment:

Savanna Kougar said...

Wow, wish I could help. But I'm not going that route. Nor have I ever tried to pitch.
The only suggestion I can make is, if you don't have mss you feel she'd be interested in, really interested, don't waste her time. Or, if you do, go with the idea that this is just a practice experience. Not do or die.