Thursday, November 13, 2008 does it affect us watching TV?

I've had an on-going problem for awhile now. It not only relates to my writing, but also my work as a nurse.

Firstly, as a writer, when I watch movies or TV programs, I'm always the one who says, "They made a mistake."

I think my mother is past the stage of sighing. Now she just looks at me and waits.

The problem is, I seem to always find the plot faults. The slip-ups. The mistakes. I won't I spot them all, because I'm not that good LOL. But when an actor says one thing, then turns around and does the exact same thing, or when he/she has something on their left hand but it changes to their right hand, or there's a mistake in the time - anything at all that seems to leap out so glaringly obvious.

I blame this all on my writing and plotting. Because I'm always on the lookout for mistakes in my own plots, I seem to spot some of the mistakes in movies and TV films.

Nursing is another thing that has affected my watching some TV and movie programs. Especially medical films. I'm laughing and yelling, "They wouldn't really do that!" and "Oh geez! Someone give that doctor a Valium before he expires from all his screeching and dancing around!"

Yes, as you can imagine, my mother doesn't even sigh anymore.

I can't help it. I bite my lip, shift on the sofa, contemplate the wall, but it just has to burst out from me. "Oh, for Pete's sake!"

Yep, I either need to give up plotting or stop watching TV. In fact, I don't watch medical movies/films anymore LOL, not for some of the absurd things they do, but because I live it at work, so i don't even watch the true medical dramas documentaries.

You know, I bet there are readers and non-readers out there who have the same problem. I wonder how often cops must watch a cop show and groan? Lawyers who groan? School teachers who groan? Cleaners and shop assistants and a lot of other people who groan?

But then, that's why many of us watch TV and movies, to escape the realism of our own world, and enter the exciting, fantasy life far away from our everyday lives.

No, I won't stop watching TV or movies. I'll just have to learn to bite my lip harder - or see what other plot problems I can find!




Savanna Kougar said...

That's funny, Angela ~ about your plot mistake discoveries. Personally, I don't even enjoy, and no longer watch much TV, in part, because plot and logic seem to be secondary now. There are so gaps it leaves me shaking my head, and wondering if it's supposed to be some kind of artistic expression I don't understand.

Skylar Masey said...

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who punches holes in others' plots and points out glaring mistakes in TV & movies :0)

Though sometimes it is nice to sit back and try and strangle my writer's POV into silence :0) Sometimes I just want it to be a movie, not an exercise.

Lynda K. Scott said...

I'm pretty good about ignoring plot holes IF the movie/tv show has otherwise captured my attention. But when it hasn't...well, I get a multitude of dirty looks from my DH when I start pointing out the mistakes :-) I guess that's the life of a writer, huh?

BTW, I just want to say Happy Birthday Angela! Hope you have a fantastic birthday!