Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Belated Father's Day

I know Father's Day was yesterday but I thought I'd talk about it today too. My dh got a grilled Angus beef hamburger cooked to perfection on our outdoor grill. (He loves Black Angus beef and I was lucky to discover my meat market had it.) The kid got him a new fire extinguisher (it's what he wanted). Even though she doesn't live here and she was in the process of building a pergola for her back yard, she made a point of coming to celebrate Father's Day for a while. That made her dad happy. And it made me wonder what kind of memories she would have of her father in the years ahead.

I'm positive she doesn't remember that when she was born, her dad had broken his ankle. That didn't stop him from trying to walk and carry the poor little darling (who had colic very badly). He even tried singing to her...Jingle Bells, the only tune he could remember the words too.

I'm sure she doesn't remember furping up formula on him as he lifted her high over head (and it wasn't even the last time he did that, lol). Or the way he sat through each dance school recital or school concert half asleep because he worked midnights and that was his bed time.

I know she does remember that it was always Dad she went to whenever she found a dead baby bird or other unfortunate critter who needed to be buried. Or that it was him who helped her learn to ride her bike without training wheels. And it was Dad who always glowered whenever she came home late from a date. We're all fairly sure it was only because the Law wouldn't have liked it if he'd killed anyone of her boyfriends that any of them actually made it out of the house. But then again...

Dads do a lot for their kids, a lot more than just bringing home a paycheck. And good Dads are precious to all of us. So, even though I'm a day late, I just want to take the opportunity to send all you Dads a heart felt hug. Hope you all had a great Father's Day.

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