Friday, September 11, 2009

Topic Overload

Today I'm keeping things short and sweet, just like authors think they should write...especially on deadline :0)

I've been seeing tons of posts from authors about the state of the paranormal genre...especially when it comes to vampires. Is having one in your manuscript now the kiss of death as it was before Twilight hit like a nuke? It seems that everywhere you turn every publishing and media company is pushing fangs..or in the case of New Moon, fur.

I know I'm anxious to see the werewolves, since I first saw Jacob Black on screen. As soon as he stepped into view I said, "Werewolf." Typically Native Americans seem to shift into majestic birds, large cats or weres. Atleast from what I've seen and read. I think it's because of the link between Mother Earth and their spiritual beliefs that makes the change believable.

Do you believe the market is too saturated? Have you started to grown when you walk by and see "just one more" vampire, undead or were story? I for one cringe every time I hear the radio promo for The Vampire Diaries on the WB. Everything about it says Twilight...but not in a good way. I'm thinking to myself, why not use the movie as a jumping off point, instead of trying to recreate the charcters--the way the look, the way they act, even down to the cadence of their voices--on TV? Yes, I know greed and power are huge motivators for the powers that be, but really...don't you think some people are Twilight-ed out?

So now, a discussion question: What would you buy if you were an editor with thousands of manuscripts at your fingertips?

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